Aviators – Doctor Who Suite

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Guess what’s back on TV tomorrow!? In celebration, I decided to release this Doctor Who orchestration that I’ve been waiting to release on a rainy day. Well, it seems like an appropriate time, so here it is! The suite is a medley of several themes from the show’s soundtrack in seasons 5 and 6. But this isn’t actually the biggest thing I have to give you guys in celebration! I have an entire (though small) EP for you! Check it out:

To download just this song, click here:

29 thoughts on “Aviators – Doctor Who Suite”

  1. I thort that doctor who was over. Until I typed up doctor who trailer and saw a new one from a few days ago…. And there will be a new doctor…. As the mad man says GERONIMO!!

  2. I would definitely love to play this in a band. It has everything like the bass drum to the flutes and violins, To the french horns and maybe trumpets/cornets. This is a very good piece of music, and the art is fantastic. Keep up the good work!

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