Aviators – Building Better Worlds (Kinetic Typography)

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I got the flu a couple days ago, so I sat in bed and worked on this for like 20 hours or something. It’s my first attempt at kinetic typography, so it’s not perfect, but hopefully this makes the video a little more interesting to watch. Enjoy!

The song is the title track of my latest album, and it’s a song of revolution and rebuilding a better society after the collapse of a corrupt government. A government like that of Panem, perhaps…

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When the darkness closed in all around
It didn’t bring us down
It only made stronger for those days
When they turned our dreams to distant thoughts
The embers still burned hot
And now the flames will blaze

So let them burn
They set the fire
Now we can see
How they conspire
But they’ve been shattered
Like broken glass
And now we’re building better worlds
On the ashes of the past

When oppression came here from all sides
We didn’t take their lies
We saw a revolution rising
When they asked us why we’re not the same
We wouldn’t play their game
We are the voices crying

But no the battle isn’t won
The war has only just begun
And we’ll keep fighting, keep building, a better place for us
And if they strike us down tonight
We’ll sear the darkness with the light
It’s revolution time, and you’re on our side

So let them burn (So we’ll let them)
They set the fire (burn tonight)
Now we can see (Watch the flames light)
How they conspire (Up the sky)
But they’ve been shattered (Shattered like a)
Like broken glass (Broken glass)
And now we’re building better worlds
On the ashes of the past

23 thoughts on “Aviators – Building Better Worlds (Kinetic Typography)”

  1. this song has become the theme tune to a little gaming group on a game called king of Avalon. everything in your lyrics fits how we started the game got burned to ash then oppressed and Still came back fighting 😀

  2. I've known this song for years and it is one of my all-time top favorite songs, but only now I realized how well it describes the current political situation my country (Brazil) has been living for the past 16 years. It's uncanny!

  3. My only gripe about this is that the song turns to the chorus too much, and the chorus can't hold up well enough
    So from that the entire song seems rather repetitive after the first 2 verses

    Otherwise, Awesome song!

  4. Also the lyrics "building better worlds… on the ashes of the past". That's exactly what's happening now as we speak…
    all things we make do that. Even YouTube. And most of the things we all know have actually built upon the ashes of previous things only our grand parents would know about. And when YouTube didn't exist. people relied on something else to post their blogs and videos…

  5. This song more or less perfectly captures the reason I love Destiny's story, despite its numerous failings and disappointments as a game.

    It's just.. so powerful. It fits this song in the most straightforward way imaginable — to me, this song is about Destiny.

    Thank you.

  6. We think too much and fear too little…
    More the Machinery, we need Humanity,
    More the Cleverness, we kindness, gentleness…
    Greed is poisoned men souls…
    Don't give yourself to this ''innature'' men, machine-men, with theirs machine mind and machine heart.. don't fight for the slavery, fight for the liberty…
    You have the power to create machine, to bring hapiness…

    – Charlie Chaplin, 1940 – the great dictator

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