Aviators – A Song That Never Ends (James Bond Song | Cinematic Rock)

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No matter how many Bond themes are made, it will never be enough. I always enjoy taking a shot at the playful yet aggressive sound of James Bond, and I did so with the title track to my latest album. “A Song That Never Ends” is about love, sometimes inspiring, sometimes breaking, but never ending.

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Never heard your ghost
Passing though
Gotta be a gift
Sent from heaven
Wrapped in you
Passions of the flesh
And of mind
Push to make you kill,
Serve, and conquer, or
Leave behind

I’d take bullet for you
In a minute, falling in it, I’m driven
Sounds like the feeling we knew
Sounding like a better harmony to live in
Under pressure, bound by pleasure
Weighted just to make us bend
A voice above, it’s the sound of love we hear
A song that never ends

Lying through your teeth
And I don’t care
Give me just a taste
Of disaster
If you dare
Like a siren call in the dark
You might be a star
I could worship
From the heart

I never knew
There could be a song quite as beautiful as you
Bullet through my heart
No mercy left to send
Just one exception
A light that never dies
A song that never ends
It’s our affliction

A song that never ends
A light that never dies
A love that’s going to change your world tonight
A truth that never fails
A beast that’s never tame
And I don’t know your name

49 thoughts on “Aviators – A Song That Never Ends (James Bond Song | Cinematic Rock)”

  1. Man, this really did mess with me. I was on autoplay and it came up and I thought it legit was from a Bond movie. On another note, this song has been on loop for 30 mins now and I'm gonna keep it on for a while so it doesn't end.

  2. The cool thing about your songs is the fact that one can listen to them without any context or knowing of whether it's about a certain game, television show, or if it's entirely unrelated to any of the previous statements and not have a biased opinion because its a song about a game. Take Our Little Horror Story, for example. I first heard it on Spotify, and I liked the song. I didn't know it was about Fnaf at all until my seventh or so listen through it, and that was only after catching a few hints and looking it up on YouTube. Same thing with Fading Light. That is one reason why I find your music appealing and great. Keep up the good work, Avi.

  3. This is well done! I am currently making a comedy spoof James Bond style short film for charity while raising money for Comic Relief: Red Nose Day and I would love your permission to use this sound track? Please get in touch.


  4. Yet another impressive piece of work by this amazing and brilliant artist. I can already see the ladies made of smoke and Daniel Craig pointing a gun at nothing in particular- the perfect typical James Bond title sequence.

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