aviator cap tutorial and pattern download

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Patterns available on


Tool list:
1.5 mm hole puncher –
quarter corner cutter – 5 set , 9 set
half round cutter – 8 set , 9 set
cutter –
stitching needle –
rubber mallet –
polishing felt pad –
cutting pad –

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18 thoughts on “aviator cap tutorial and pattern download”

  1. I purchased this pattern, but the ear covers are constructed differently than what is shown in this video. There is an extra piece in there somehow that I don’t see in the video and I’m not sure how to proceed…

  2. It would be one thing to pay $9 or a little more for an acrylic pattern, but not a printable one. Though, I really like that you are making video tutorials for the patterns now. I might just buy one eventually.

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