Aviation tool box tour LOTS OF SNAP ON

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This is a tour of my aviation tool box so far I am currently a student at Greenville tech 147 school and have grown up around aviation if you have any questions about my box feel free to comment

this is a toolbox tour of my part 147 school toolbox again a lot of my stuff is snap-on it doesn't have to be snap-on these are just a lot of the tools little these are more than enough that'll get you through part 147 Aviation School but this will actually be enough you could actually go out into the work field with everything that I have and be successful and not have any major problems say no the top here I got fooled snap-on 3/8 quarter through one-inch then I have an older set those giving to me a snap-on quarter 3 7/8 I got craftsman quarter through one-inch chalets craftsman quarter inch sockets eventually I want to make this snap-on as well all my ratchets breaker bars even my little quarter-inch breaker bar they're all snap-on got a snap-on super shallow she's sitting here craftsman extensions and accessory pieces except these two needed by snap-on these are actually rebranded wobble pluses snap-on wobble plus it's got your wobble and your regular these are actually made by Capri you can get off on Amazon they're still a very well-made tool super nice finish on them David Clarke of headsets if there's one thing you can cheap out on tools do not cheap out on here protection that's something you can't get back I used to shoot sporting clays in high school so I have some of the custom plugs two-part 147th school you won't need these at all they'll have all the wire you need there but my family actually did an aviation industry so I have a bunch of tools I already knew what kind of tools to get I'm not a complete brand specific this is actually a Harbor Freight – looks pretty cool it's a quarter inch on one inch 3/8 low profile you can get a long reach on it that's always a cool tool so I'd use it now keep my half inch breaker bar in here if you're doing landing gear with my internet socket they said we need an engine and eights for doing King air landing you say that's what that's for I don't really know what else I used us I just wanted to bring you something I had to borrow the truck there's tools first of all I come in to you on the top is going to be my longer each needlenose your regular needle nose and then your this is your grab implies you really aren't gonna use these in aviation are you're gonna try to not use these in aviation as much as possible you'll have to use them every now and then so you do have to have them but trying to avoid doctor here I have my snap ring pliers and then I have most of my cutters I have my big 7 and 3/4 cutters I got a little tiny ones a bunch too polite who aren't in aviation don't understand why people would buy these but these are amazing and aviation cutting wires and doing sanctuary this look at 41,000 safety wire like it's nothing absolutely love those good flush cutters that makes a difference in a give mechanic and a great mechanic is how will they finish stuff off you have a nice clean cut zip ties that you can't scratch your hands on that's pretty big that cuts run when they woke up and they have to reach into an inspection panel and checks on mouth hey I got my reversible safety wire twister z0 bluepoint wr1 a's and they're actually made by mill bore so you can buy the mill bore twenty five W's that are the same thing if you want to save yourself a little bit of money you just don't get the warranty that you do with the BluePoint these are the real deal snap-on ones right here there are still a regular six-inch safety why they want the big nine inch but the mechanism and all and this is so strong you can actually do 41,000 Swire with it quite easily duckbills as far as driving pliers you're probably gonna use these more than anything depending on what school you're at they might make you do all your wire twisting with these but when you get out you're definitely gonna go to do in your safety wire with a reversible twister like those along it dikes those are nice and then the six-inch dikes I just added these two to my set that's why they kind of seem out of place open up my screwdriver drawer here I got a full snap-on screwdrivers I got some Harbor Freight picks up a free yo the super coupon I bought this box these are JH Williams what Williams is is we actually where I'm a part of the snap-on student excellence program and a lot of their tools you can also get a discount on the Williams stuff but a lot of times of what your discounters price is close to what you can find on the internet I hate to say that but you have a limit for your student excellence program three snap-on say you don't want to blow that whole limit and then get to graduation not be able to buy you a nice snap on the box so they like a lot of my tools I actually bought Williams I get they got a price them out if they were cheaper for him to get them for me I'd get him through him if it was cheaper for me to find them on ebay or somewhere else I got them but there's still their amazing quality tool there fool hollow these are just nut drivers you'll see I got more Williams tools here in a second screws mini screwdrivers picks some miscellaneous longer each bit so that I got a little cobalt bit set this is on sale I mean a lot of times you'll find really nice tool you loco bow make some nice tools there's some stuff that I prefer snipe want every others like your regular screwdrivers but when it comes a bit saying might as well get a little set just say you can kind of have a little bit of everything in here yeah you got your stores your flash your fill ups your head always got my wrench drawer these are all Williams 3/8 through 1 inch set these are actually rebranded blue points as what they are there's really nice standard gear inch ratcheting wrenches from zero I'll say you gotta turn them over to reverse them cobalt hex keys Williams stubbies the craftsman midget wrenches it's always nice to have a set of these because a lot of times I do a lot of stuff with helicopters so a lot of that thing is put together with 7/32 actually have a snap-on 7/32 coming just because you use it so much i'm you can air out to mini quarter and five sixteenths trenchless I keep those two cobalt ones right there in there these are some worker pre tools the same as those wobble plus extensions up there but these are some thin ranches you know in case you got to get into a really tight spot and I got some other stuff and I had angle wrenches and then deep offset box snap-on riches to this drawer that's a big gaps for I got this is my hammer drawer hammers punches and I got some aluminum scrapes that I've made out of stuff just cuz it's really nice especially when you come when I'm coming home working we got bill 58 we're up keeping in a 206 Lone Ranger so I'm changing the windows one right now and I've been having to use these is quite a good bit to do that scrape putty and stuff like that you don't want more in so the aluminum soft this is my sheet metal drawer this has got my ribs removal tool I've used it's not out of it absolutely love it it's not a snap-on product it's a aircraft tool supply air craft tool supply this is a rivet layout not sure if they'll let me use that in school it's a really nice tool to have when you're doing sheet metal as my files there's my combination square it's just a simple Harbor Freight room but as far as holding in a straight line it works I got my machinist scales I got that's a 12 inch one this is six and one sixty four thirty Seconds kind of gotta have that on here in school they'll tell you and if you're working on sheet metal always measured in 64 she'll be a lot more accurate that way this is my last roar a lot of the stuff in this store you do not need for 147 school at all multimeter you won't need a soldering gun you definitely won't need wire strippers probably they won't get on T if you don't have them and then this is actually this is just a tool for solder and you it'll hold the wire together if you are in 147 school I highly suggest getting this this is really good for doing all your learning Ohm's law and it's just a nice reference book it's got all your stuff for your DC and AC circuits especially when you're doing your DC complex circuits trying to solve your voltage drops and all that with days that's nice to have I always have a bunch of different flashlights yeah I got some magnetic ones even everything on aircraft are aluminum for the most part but this one I really like it gets got a regular light on the end this is the Nebo light you can get them about anywhere but it's fully rubber-coated and when you're working on an aircraft if you drop it if you got something hard it's might dented or scratch it and this is salsa won't be that everybody is bound to drop it at some point this is my stream light pin light use it more than any of them because if not go to you a lot of times if I get to working on something outside of school I have this on my belt there's just a case light spot flood oh that works great there's my fluke meter there's your aviation mechanic handbook suggest getting night most of my seoeon 47 schools will tell you to have it at least one I go to you they told you to have it then I just got this little set that came with the magnet and the mirror the feeler gauges and tray all came in one and that's about all I have in my box this is again this is a way more than you need to get started and aviation you can actually go out on your first job with this and you won't be having to ask everybody around you to borrow tools that's overkill you know I get taken complete advantages a snap-on student discount it's worth every bit of it especially when you get out and you go to having to pay full price for tools stock up while you can I mean it's it's a once-in-a-lifetime deal if you get the snap-on seat and excellence program and snap-on tools it's just the quality of them that's what you're paying for this ratchet right here this was actually given to me this is one of my dad's although this is a 1989 ratchet and it works I would say it works better than any brand-new Harbor Freight raksha's you get I know but people argue me to death on that but it's just you you do get what you pay for yes it is overpriced but mainly what you're paying for on the truck is that service fee those guys that's what they do with their lives that's how they make their living and they're relying on you to make their living just like you're allowing the tools to make your and say get good tools don't be cheap and make sure you build you a nicer

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  1. Good luck in school and in your future career !!…I've been in the industry 40+ years (jet engine mech, flight engineer) and looking forward to retirement in 2 more . Currently a maintenance inspector with United for the last 20…nice not having to turn wrenches anymore….LOL !!!… Don't be hung on the tool name…buy what you can afford and NEED…and it's not the quality the tool you use but it's the quality of the work you produce…we have Techs with the biggest Snap On boxes they make and tools but unfortunately their "quality" of work is lacking !!

  2. Power tools not allowed in school? I work on robinsons as an apprentice and use the shit out of my snap on drill to depanel and break them down for overhaul. Only only on 806 screws of course

  3. Not a bad kit. I’d add a set of the knipex pliers wrench. We call em flat jaws and every mechanic in our shop has to own a set. Also, 1/4 in wobble sockets from snapon. Buy the good ones because you’ll break them.

  4. I'm sorry bud. Great set no joke, but how do you justify the price point of these Snap-Ons? I see your toolbox choice is harbor freight. Why not just stick with them? I know they are cheaper, but same "guarantee for life". Just my thoughts

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