Aviation This Week – March 15, 2019

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Milestone splashdown for SpaceX Crew Dragon. CityAirbus eVTOL to be tested in Germany. Three Canadian airports among world’s best.

welcome back to aviation this week today's edition is brought to you by lavarro aviation your aviation solutions provider your top story milestone splashdown for SpaceX crew dragon then City Airbus to be tested in Germany and three Canadian airports among the world's best we'll have all your aviation news right after this quick message from our sponsor NASA completed a critical step in its efforts to once again launch humans into space from American soil a rich history bookmark by Alan Shepards 1961 spaceflight onboard mercury seven and the cancellation of the space shuttle program in 2011 in early March NASA launched SpaceX crew Dragon capsule on an uncrewed test mission toward the International Space Station Canadian Space Agency astronaut David saint-jacques and NASA astronaut and McLane performed a visual inspection of crew dragons unassisted docking maneuver upon its arrival at the ISS saint-jacques was the first astronaut to enter the doc spacecraft which remained at the ISS for five days of testing and exploration the crew dragon carried approximately 180 kilograms of supplies and equipment to the ISS including a space test dummy named Ripley the Canadian Space Agency explains that on March fifth and six robotics controllers on the ground used Canada arms cameras to inspect the exterior of the capsule the crew dragon disengaged from the ISS on March 8 and after six hours splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cape Canaveral an aggressive testing timetable is planned for 2019 which might include crewed missions with both SpaceX and Boeing x' Starliner within NASA's Commercial Crew program Airbus in Ingolstadt Germany for the first time unveiled a demonstration model of its city bus aircraft targeting the urban air mobility sector the company ultimately expects the electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle to be fully autonomous the city Airbus is to be initially equipped with four 140 kilowatt batteries eight rotors and seating for four it is scheduled to begin testing this summer in Germany Airbus is initially targeting a cruise speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour and a 50 kilometer range for City Airbus the eight fix pitched propellers are powered by Siemens direct-drive engines that rely on an equal number of 100 kilowatt electric motors the fixed-pitch propellers of the city Airbus present a different concept than bells recently introduced Nexus VTOL which features six tilting ducted fans the Nexus is to be powered by a hybrid electric propulsion system being developed by saffron airports council international ACI released its annual list of top global airports by size and region based on its airport service quality Awards program which measures passenger satisfaction for departures across 34 key performance indicators Toronto Pearson International Fort McMurray International and Ottawa International were the lone Canadian winners in this year's survey for the second consecutive year Toronto Pearson along with Dallas Fort Worth was named as North America's best airport serving more than 40 million passengers per year Toronto Pearson was also named as North America's most improved airport Ottawa international along with El Paso International in Texas was named as North America's best airport serving two to five million passengers per year fort mcmurray international along with Portland International was named as North America's best airport serving less than two million passengers per year in the program's new best infrastructure category no fewer than seven Indonesian and eight Chinese airports are recognized in their size category which mirrors growth trajectories of these regions in terms of the global commercial aviation industry this is an expense media's niche TV thanks again to our sponsor lavarro aviation your aviation solutions provider you

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