AVIATION NEWS – July 2019: FlyBe CUTS ROUTES, Britain's First A350, and MORE!

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Had some WiFi troubles the past few days, but I’ve finally (basically) moved into the new house and that means those issues have been resolved. As always if I missed anything be sure to let me know. In this episode there’s some cool topics to discuss such as FlyBe cutting 23 routes this year due to the E175/E195 retirements! Tune in to find out what they are along with other topics!

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what's up YouTube ace aviation here and welcome back to another episode of aviation news this time for the month of july 2019 honestly I completely forgot I had to make this video but luckily I was able to put it together hopefully on time for you guys I'm anticipating that this video shouldn't be too long as there's not as many things as last month to cover this time around so that's all I think it started before we go into the headlines I just want to give a quick shout out to citrus aviation he recently started restarted his channel so I would appreciate if you go subscribe to him by clicking the card in the top right corner or the link in the description so dude check out sitter's Aviation's channel awesome guy great content and yeah so let's go ahead and begin with the headlines for july 2019 so first thing we're gonna talk about is some aircraft incidents that unfortunately took place this past month so first off a stowaway packed himself into the wheel well which is where the gear doors are of the aircraft on this particular plane I was at Kenya Airways Boeing 787 registration 5y – kzg on a flight from Nairobi to London Heathrow so this dude packed himself into the landing gear compartment of a 787 Kenya Airways 787 on a flight from Nairobi to Heathrow the man unfortunately he lost his life he succumbed to hypothermia and as the plane was on approach to Heathrow his body fell out of the compartment and into a residential area in Clapham which was which is a I guess I don't want to say suburb I want to say like Borough of London as the plane was approaching Heathrow so unfortunately he did lose his life it's quite disturbing news so I don't want to go too far into the details but yeah that happened unfortunately next Delta flight 579 that's a regularly scheduled flight from San Juan Puerto Rico to New York JFK however on July 3rd and unruly passenger claiming to be God forced the plane to return to San Juan he I believe stormed the cockpit or something but luckily the aircraft safely landed back in San Juan and the person was later arrested another incident involving a delta flight was on board and md-88 flight 1425 from atlanta to baltimore this aircraft and – HDL suffered an engine issue but luckily the flight diverted safely to Raleigh North Carolina extreme turbulence faced by Air Canada flight 33 from Vancouver to Sydney injured thirty five people the flight safely diverted to Honolulu Hawaii to provide medical attention to those injured a passenger said the aircraft quote-unquote dropped from the sky and anybody that was not buckled in their seats hit the ceiling of the aircraft which is really really disturbing I mean this is come this is stuff you hear about or see in movies it's kind of hard to believe that it happened in real life but I don't believe anybody lost their lives from this incident after being treated in the hospital so that's some good news on July 20th Apia ATR 42 registration AP – bhp skidded off the runway in gilgit while landing from Islamabad nobody was killed however the aircraft was heavily damaged as you can see so it will most likely be Randolph and just a few days ago a Pakistani Air Force King Air 350 crashed into a residential area in Rawalpindi which is the sister city of Islamabad and this sadly took the lives of 18 people witnesses say the aircraft took a sharp turn and caught fire before coming down boeing has relief has revealed its newest eco demonstrator aircraft this is a triple 7 def 200 registration n77 – NT I believe this aircraft is a Tech's Air China plane this aircraft is testbed they'll be using this to test out smart toilets and also external cameras a few months back Pakistan closed its airspace to international traffic due to tensions of India this caused a disruption for many airlines however from July 15th Pakistan airspace has officially been reopened to all flights and this comes as a sigh of relief to many airlines especially Air India because Air India they had to have a lot of their flights from India to the US stopover in Europe or Middle East to refuel okay now let's go ahead and move into fleet nose the first thing is JetBlue they took delivery of its first eight the 21 mio registration n to 0 0 to J the aircraft landed at JFK in Hamburg and stayed there for a short time before departing to Lake City Florida to be fitted with its full interior Delta Airlines took delivery of their last full in the airplane yeah their last ever Boeing airplane so from from here on out Delta Airlines will only be receiving Airbus planes for the time being this aircraft is registration and nine-30 DZ it's a 737-900 ER and it's one of the last Boeing 737 NGS to be built United Airlines signed an agreement to buy 19 used Boeing 737-700 deliveries to start from December and this move was made because the 737 max groundings were extended even further so in order to somewhat cope with this max grounding they leased a few more I think they're actually know they're buying them that's alright they're buying 19 more 737-700 alright British Airways is first a 250 1000 and registration G – xwb a arrived for the first time at her new home in London Heathrow it actually came in a bit late because ATC restrictions or something prevented it from arriving the previous day but I think I think it was delayed by a day the inaugural arrival into ether oh but yeah the first a 250 from British Airways is here and it's the first of 18 that they've ordered one of Ryanair's upcoming Boeing 737 max eights registration AI – H a Y has had the word max dropped from its nose the nose branding instead the plane now displays 737 – 8 200 which I find really really interesting the aircraft will be configured in a high-density cabin as compared to other max aids it'll have more seats but I don't think this new branding like it says 7 – 7 – 8 200 I don't think this will have any effect on the plane coming into service earlier and the other than the other max's Lufthansa has finally repainted in a 340 – 300 to their new livery this one is registered DJI FD and it's really nice to see them repainting the 343 hundreds because it gives you a sense of hope that you know at least these things will be around a bit longer lufthansa if I'm not wrong they plan to completely phase out the three forty six hundred and three hundred from their fleet by 2025 KLM is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and to celebrate they've added 100th anniversary stickers to some of their airplanes as he can see here triple seven includes seven four sevens and of course 787 – ten that we covered last month in the honored anniversary livery this is really similar to the 95th anniversary stickers that they had in their planes five years ago so yeah airBaltic currently has an a2 2300 painted in the colours of the latvian flag however now they've added a second plane to that series as they painted another a – 2300 registration yl c SJ into the Estonian flag livery this plane is appropriately named after estonia's capital which is Helene Azores Irizarry a zorse I think it's I pronounced it a soars Airlines it took delivery of their first 8 to 21 LR they have three of these on lease tap Portugal retired their entire fleet of four 830 300s the four planes I think – currently fly with Air Canada the two others are also going to be fine with Air Canada soon so yeah they they retired them from their fleet they were replaced by the 330 900 meal but it's good to see that they got a second life without Canada we did a expresses first of 12/8 222 X 300 has been rolled out of the paint shop in Montreal Mirabelle this one is registered su – GE x and EgyptAir we'll be buying a 220 to replace their Yi 170 fleet air blue added to X saw dia 80 points to its fleet registration AP – be mu and AP – b mb both these planes were supposed to go to indigo however they were not taken up by the airline both a 20's are 9 years old and they bring their boost total fleet number to 10 planes airberlin currently operates 583 20s and 5 honey one's signa poor airlines is first to a380s 9v – ska and 9b – skb are in the process of being scrapped at Tarbes lord airport in france they were rumored to go to high fly a few years ago however that deal didn't go through and unfortunately these two a380s will be gone will be scrapped and gone for good Philippine Airlines has officially retired the 440 from its fleet their last 80 40 – 300 ministration RP – c3 441 was ferried from Manila to Orlando Sanford with a stopover in San Francisco citron Airlines received their first of 330 – 200 freighters these planes initially flew with Cutler Airways cargo first but they were replaced by the triple 7 F Sichuan Airlines they plan to operate these aircraft from Chengdu to Brussels three times weekly and eventually they will push it to six times weekly next year the last Boeing 737 next generation aircraft has been delivered J a 73 AC was delivered to Sky mark Airlines not too long ago and is the last one 737 next generation plane to be produced after Boeing started aircraft production in 1998 the 737ng series consisted of the 600 700 800 and 900 and after 21 years in production Boeing has sadly ended the 737ng production line and I mean this is kind of sad because I thought I mean because of all the seven years of Max groundings I would expect Boeing – maybe continue producing the next-generation 737 but sadly looks like that didn't happen and with that we have reached the end of fleet news now let's move on to route news some I mean it's nothing too serious but interesting stuff nonetheless so go ahead and start off with American Airlines they will be ending their flights to Bolivia in November 2000 nineteen American currently flies from Miami to santa cruz de la sierra with a seven five seven 200 and from what i've heard the route is being cut because it's not profitable this is a really big shame to see this route being cut as American was the only US carrier flying to Bolivia and after November the only carrier flying between Bull in the United States we boliviana di Biasi on and slide in Miami so American Airlines from Miami they really had a large network flights to Latin America especially South America they had a lot of flights from Miami to South America unfortunately a bunch of those routes have have been cut because apparently they weren't profitable this this route to santa cruz de la sierra and bolivia is being cut for that reason and it's it's really sad to see that see that go but I'm hoping that maybe boliviana di Biasi own can get some more money off this because with American cutting this route they'll have an advantage as they'll be the only airline flying nonstop from Bolivia to the US air linga started service from Dublin to Minneapolis on July 1st this room is currently operate on 757-200 however once once Aer Lingus gets there 821 el ours those will replace some five seven in a few years and operate this route fly B will be dropping a large number of routes 23 routes will be ending because fly B is facing out their fleet of Embraer 175 s and 195 s so fly B will be retiring there 175 later this year while they'll retire that you 195s next year as the airline focuses its fleet around the q400 the routes that fly b will be dropping are from cardiff they'll be dropping flights to Faro Glasgow Milan Munich Rome Verona and Venice from Doncaster Sheffield they will be dropping flights to Alicante Dublin Jersey and Paris Charles de Gaulle from Exeter fly B will be cancelling flights or yeah so spent ending flights to Alicante Faro and Malaga from Manchester they'll be ending a seasonal I think it's a seasonal to Innsbruck Austria from nuki they'll be ending flights to Leeds Bradford from Norwich to the ending flights to Alicante Exeter and Malaga and from Southampton they'll be ending flights to Alicante La Rochelle Nantes and Rennes asst I think that's in France say that's 23 routes that fly B is going to be cutting because of their you 175 and you 195 a time pretty big number of routes that they'll be canceling there Finnair is looking to expand to Busan South Korea in 2020 with three times weekly flights from Helsinki under a 350 Busan will be their second destination in South Korea after Seoul Incheon passenger flights once again returned to the Carlisle Airport in England with Logan air starting flights to Dublin soon Logan is gonna be starting flights from Carlisle to Belfast and London London Southend Emirates began flying from Dubai to Porto Portugal this is Emirates a second destination in Portugal after Lisbon this route is served by the triple 7 – 200 LR and finally air India will be returning to Canada this year with nonstop service from Delhi to Toronto operated on the triple 7 300 er I'm this flight will originate in Amritsar although I'm not entirely sure Air India has not operated to Canada and over a decade and in this time Air Canada has taken over the flights to India with nonstop service to Delhi and Mumbai from Toronto and Vancouver so it's really it's awesome to see India returning to Canada I was actually for a long time wondering why they didn't fly to Canada Jet Airways before they you know suspended operations they were operating flights from I believe Amsterdam to Toronto originating in Mumbai I think so it's good to see her India back in Canada and I'm I'm very very confident they'll do really well on this route so that concludes this episode of aviation news I maybe I missed a few things I apologize if I did just want to get this video out on time thank you all so much for watching hope y'all enjoyed the video I do stay tuned for the other videos coming from the Charlotte and Chicago trip the next video for sure hoping I'm hoping to upload the Charlotte Chicago trip report as the next video so stay tuned for that as well as the other videos coming from this trip thank you all very much for watching the video hope y'all enjoyed please comment like me and subscribe and I'll see you all next time good bye

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  1. I live in Miami and I agree with you it really does stink to see American’s flight to Bolivia go. However American does seem to be making a comeback to South America. Earlier this year, they started flights to Cartagena and Pereira, Colombia on their A319s. And last month they started flights to Córdoba, Argentina. For now this flight is operated on the 767-300ER however, once American takes delivery of their 22 787-8s that they have on order they’ll replace the 767s on this route.

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