AVIATION MEMES – Airline Pilot's Reaction

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I have been receiving lots of aviation memes to my Instagram account, @74Gear so I wanted to share some of the funny ones I have recently received and keep sending me more πŸ‘

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When pilots act like flight attendants
Hank oh my god crewfie this is mean but pretty realistic
lately I've been commenting a lot more on Instagram and since then people have
started sending me aviation memes so I thought why not share them with the
74 crew so aviation means coming up hey 74 crew welcome
back if you don't know me my name is Kelsey I'm a 747 pilot my channel 74
gear is all about aviation today I'm in Dallas Texas as you probably noticed
from the intro this is the view here from the hotel a lot of people have been
asking for some more footage of where I'm at in the world so I thought I'd
start sharing them with you anyways let's get into the aviation means rough
landing but did you die okay so I've had people come up to me and
they say oh that was the greatest landing ever and me and the other pilot
look at each other like really cuz that one was kind of bad but at the end of
the day if you've arrived safely even if it was a hard landing hey we're not all
perfect voila madam your hotel rooms the view iit
leaves you speechless no yeah so this is sometimes the case you might get
to the coolest hotel and you'll have a really short overnight and you have this
amazing view and you want to do everything in this city and then you
might have a very long overnight in a place that you're like it's not really
the place I want to be but this is really true as a crew member a lot of
times when you finish your long trip if you get there especially if you didn't
sleep well during your rest period and you get to the hotel you're like oh man
I just really wish I had the energy to go out and enjoy this city but your time
to be a crew member so this is part of it
9.5 hour layover 30 hour layover yes this is exactly this is actually just
what I was talking about I've had hotel rooms that are so awesome and you
get there do you think why do I only have 11 hours here or the city that you
want to be in that's really awesome if you're a crew member you know this is
always how it works out you have the long layovers and the places that you don't want to be at and it's usually a
crappy hotel room waiting on that VFR pilot to finish their request okay
that's just mean so a VFR pilot if you're if you're not a pilot a VFR pilot
is generally a person who is not a professional pilot they're flying in day
weathered or they're flying in normal everyday conditions basically and
obviously most of the times those are newer pilots so they're a little slower
on the radio and don't speak that concisely so basically what they're
saying here is airline pilots are listening to these guys make radio calls
and we're just so frustrated and when I was a new pilot
I always thought airline pilots are listening to me going dude hurry up
anyway for the most part airline pilots know
that we were there too so don't worry about it
make the radio call that you need to make and if you can do things to improve
I got a bunch of videos talking about how to make radio communications
premature evacuation all right so I actually saw this happen I was doing a
walk around years ago in Toronto and two flight attendants blew a slide and I
would do my walk-around I just see the slide shooting out of the door and I
looked over and I could see on their face they're both were just staring out
like oh no at all I can I just felt bad for them it happens actually more often
than you think I've only seen it happen one time it's got to be very
embarrassing for the crew members that are up there they do a whole cross-check
and things like that but pretty much your evacuation it happens right I mean
it happens to the best of us me trying to explain my worst schedule to friends
yeah this it actually would be better if it said it me trying to explain how to
bid to a new crew member because it is so complex and so diverse of okay if you
want this you need this and there's all these different types of bidding systems
but this is so true if you're explaining how to bid for someone I think that
would be a better explanation for this trying to explain how to bid to a new
person and I used to do that especially when I was at the regionals new flight
attempts would come and I would tell them hey this is what you need to bid
and a lot of times I would just take their phone and I would just start
bidding for them what do you want okay this is how you're gonna bid this and I
would kind teach them as I go but this is really
true feeling lonely squats 7500 so there's a code that we put into the
aircraft before we take off and that helps air traffic control to be able to
track our plane but this isn't something you'd really wanted to if you were
feeling lonely obviously but it is a code that you'd send out and that would
get a lot of people calling you on the radio right away and you get some
fighter jets there before you knew it and they'd be flying along looking and
trying to talk to you and communicate with you so that's what squawks 7500
means I only date bad boys meaning once so basically what the would there say it
is you bracele breaking the rules so it's the max speed that the aircraft can
go you can see it by that red line at 160 knots and he's doing 165 or maybe
this is miles per hour because oh no it's not yeah so he's supposed to be
doing at the max 160 knots and he's going past that I don't know anybody
that's flying assess in that fast a lot of these engines on these smaller
aircraft now don't have the same power that they once had when they first made
them but if you want a bad boy then you want this guy when ATC says stand by for
full yes so a full route clearance is basically like when you file a flight
plan and you're saying you're going from LA to Miami they put you on a bunch of
different routes all the way there different roads in the sky if you will
and that is something that the airline will file for us what this is basically
saying is air traffic control ATC is basically giving you a whole new route
which means you have to write it down by hand and then reload it into your
computer and it's super annoying now my next question is what this guy put
headphones on a baby and then the baby's crying and he's still leaving along
there but how I feel after a perfect landing yes even today every time I
think of pilot no matter if you're brand new or you have 5 or 7 thousand hours
it's always gonna be the case I think no matter how long you're gonna be flying
because we all know that's what we're judged on so after a perfect landing I
always feel like this female crew visiting cock picked male crew Pacifica
yeah this is probably true a lot of times when we're up there
especially again when I was flying passengers a lot more we'd have jump
Cedars people that are just catching a ride and you would hear a female's voice
and both both pilots especially we have another guy we would both turn around
if you hear a guy's voices you coming up like hey guys oh yeah hey what's up man
it's a I don't know we're dudes were stuck in a box I don't know what to tell
you but this is pretty true sleeps with a pilot finds out he was only the first
just mean okay we all have to start somewhere so first officer you got three
bars a captain you have four bars obviously if you're a first officer
you're getting paid a lot less than a captain so they're just making fun of us
and that's not nice because we're people too in every hotel room there is always
a light you don't know how to turn off yes this is so true this actually
happened in this hotel room when I got in here this is kind of a strange layout
of a hotel room and last night I got in kind of late
I grabbed some food and doing some work on after YouTube applying to some
comments and things like that and doing some Instagram because that's what I do
with my life at night but there was a light over by the bathroom what you
can't see which is all the way over there and I could not get it to turn out
and I was walking around I was trying to hit all these different buttons I get it
turn out if I could not get it to turn off and it is so frustrating especially
when you're tired and ready to go to bed but I eventually hit the button in the
right way to get it to turn out but sometimes there's these but these lights
and you can't find it and there's just like computer switch on the other side
of the room especially in Asia a lot and at nighttime you just want to turn the
lights off and go to sleep but it's so true every now and again there's a hotel
room and there's light over here that I could not get to turn on I don't know so
these hotel rooms do does never know when you land at base and cruise
casually tries to call you all you've ever seen this movie it's actually
really funny but basically what this means is some in some places when you
land in your base crew scheduling and you're finishing your trip crew
scheduling can call you and try to send you back out or extend your trip that's
not the case in every airline just different rules but in a lot of cases
that you get back to base and they try to send you back out you're running away
from them trying to avoid getting sent back
you just want to go home and finish your trip but this is true I know people who
they would have a person from crew scheduling that had to physically
contact you and they would wait outside your gate I know a pilot who would in
the bathroom of this of a regional jet changes uniform shirt and then walk out
like he was a passenger and then just pretend to be on his phone or something
like that so the scheduler weren't really sure and then he would try to get
away and they only had like 10 minutes to get you or something so after 10
minutes it was too late and then you can go home what really happens during take
ha oh now if you're a pilot you know this isn't the case but I imagine if
you're a passenger to the back you must be wondering sometimes what we're doing
up there I can assure you we're not both having our hands up in the air and
screaming I promise I brought this great now let's do this one more time really
draw it out I'll it be any training now if you're enjoying this and you're
laughing and having a good time I actually talked about this in particular
with another video that I was doing with a flight attendant and I'm gonna put it
right up here we're basically talking about why pilots do this where we go uh
between when we're trying to say things and I explain what I think it was and
she's making fun of me so go check it out
all right 74 crew thanks so much for sending me these memes on Instagram I
look forward to hearing from you until then keep the blue side up

33 thoughts on “AVIATION MEMES – Airline Pilot's Reaction”

  1. 7:15 yes at the Sydney Mascot Holiday Inn they had SO many standby lights on everything plus a very dull light in the bathroom. I rang the desk and the night concierge came up with a black marker and said β€œwe’ll colour everything black except the emergency exit function led over the door. You should get your own pen, non permanent and you wipe it off when you leave.” I have a black marker now.

  2. Congratulation!!! I think I was your 100,000 subscriber. I will begin the process to get my pilots linc. this fall. You are interesting and informative while being entertaining. Keep up the great vids!

  3. Love stuff like that it's a good comparison of the other parts of the transport industry. As a few of those I recognised from being a bus/coach driver. The one for the scheduler or as we say traffic office, especially if you have a long weekend before you even get the suitcases off the phone is already set to not disturb. Lol

  4. Standby for full route clearance left us on the tarmac for almost an hour.
    Pilot: '…this could be 10 min or an hour'
    But we knew.
    Pilot:'…we don't want you out of your seat either because when we get clearance we need to go right away.'
    Suddenly everyone needed to pee. LOL

  5. You gotta be lucky with that hotel room. I got a cool looking hotel but the room was awful, tv isnt working, no hot water and theres poop in the toilet. Litelarly.

  6. Working TV production I can totally relate to the hotel stay. Multi-day stay = economy class room. A one night stay with very early morning crew call = First class room and no time to use the kitchen.

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