Aviation Memes 34

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“Pixelland” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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this video was made possible by these janked patrons and everyone that submitted MEMS thank you so much you don't forget to submit your memes to a volitional 32 at gmail.com supersonic Cessna 172 exists wait that's illegal the tupolev tu-204 is just a Russian version of the boeing 757 change my mind a 340 Saab 340 cuddlin a340 mom can we have no there is at home at home last Delta 747 flight to Tokyo from Detroit that why you crying so damn loud flight at 4:00 p.m. mom and dad of 8:00 a.m. to the airport me hey mom can we have mom we have at home hey can I copy your homework sure just change it up a bit so it doesn't look like you just copied it my heart resting exercising any air traffic controller when the airport's power goes out Cummins diesel rolling coal b-52 substitute expand Frankfurt Airport renovate Berlin Tegel Airport save the money for something else keep wasting money in Berlin Brandenburg Airport Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport starter pack me being bored in class so I step out for some air my CFI minimums continue wind shear wind shear wind sure current objective survive maxi's OMG the public hates me dc-10 first time imagine being completely out of power during a single engine failure this post was made by the twin-engine gang Airbus a380 exists Emirates I'll take your entire stock what Americans think of european aviation starter pack how pilots be configuring their FMC these gender reveals are out of control hey can I copy your homework sure thing just changes so it doesn't look like you copied it sure thing Soviet engineers are zaps heart Concordia prints and documents that's real heart people who love Airbus people who love Boeing people who love Boeing and Airbus president press items wait that's illegal flying into a Regional Airport flying into a small International Airport flying into JFK and driving to your hometown Regional Airport flying into JFK flight getting diverted to your home Regional Airport then flying back to JFK to pick up your car and driving three hours back to home I fear no man but that thing it scares me Kowalski analysis FAA did you try to divert to LaGuardia captain Sullenberger good question pilot pulls plane up Boeing n caste system we don't do that here imagine having only one engine if the other one fails this post was made by the MD gang me and my dad walking down the street explained by planes when you forget to check the knot ins therapist Northwest a380 doesn't exist it can't hurt you northwest a380 my heart resting exercising landing at Perot International Airport hey can I copy your homework sure but change it up a bit so it doesn't look like you copied it sure thing therapist Panem a380 isn't real it can't hurt you Pan Am a380 Phoenix International Airport starter pack faster-than-light Piper Cub does not exceed a 350 flies for the first time Boeing employees be like give me the plans offensive Ryanair names every family that wants to have a nice and cheap holiday assignment of airplane seats here is your seat screaming baby fast asleep passenger incessantly talkative passenger drunk tourist regular passenger how Boeing CEOs put on their shoes in the morning when you use the moving walkway at the airport to go slightly faster San Jose International Airport starter pack spoilers car guys aviation lovers therapist Southwest 747 doesn't exist it won't hurt you Southwest 747 someone 747 or Concorde me the hardest choices require the strongest whales train platform what normal people see what I see kit hey can I copy your homework me sure just change it up a little so it does not look like you just copied it okay tsa after someone smuggles firearms past them while they were confiscating a water bottle wait that's illegal Singapore Paris Mexico City Sydney Munich it's like we are trying to get rid of you are md-11 varicose started doesn't exceed am a generic narrow bodice this post was made by Emirates gang the Soviet Union when they're supersonic passenger aircraft only flies for a year but flew the Falcon cord was ready I see this as an absolute win when you ask her what's wrong why I want explain 11 the flight physics the graphics the potential for better add-ons the Zippo mod 737 Billy Bishop Airport starter pack

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