Aviation Memes 31

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“Pixelland” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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this video was made possible by these janked patrons and everyone that submitted MEMS thank you so much don't forget to submit your memes to aviation amis 32 at gmail.com what if we used 100% of the brain Airbus 380 conveyors 380 hey can I copy your homework sure but make it look different so it doesn't look like you've copied it what normal people see what I see triple7 of judgments people the 737 max is dangerous and should be grounded this has never happened in Boeing's history 787 dreamliner no one a 10 B it Bombardier CSeries Airbus 8 to 20 a 321 I'm pregnant Boeing 757 Wow what will this baby look like the a340 is just a longer a330 but with four engines change my mind hey can I copy your homework yet you just change it up a little bit so it does not look obvious sure thing me books flight to Orlando Allegiant here's a little lesson in trickery roses are red I don't use Bing American Airlines jet makes emergency landing ever say 120 Airbus 8 to 20 Airbus a320 Airbus a 420 literally nobody trainees after pass in first check ride I'm starting the APU who would win a high quality twenty seven point six million dollar General Electric GE ninety engine with nine hundred and fifty kilometer and our speed and one hundred and fifteen thousand five hundred and forty pounds feet engine power one flappy boy a380 737 max AIDS Piper Cub what others see what I see flight attendants when they see a camera therapist supersonic Cessna doesn't exist it can't hurt he you supersonic Cessna a new flow has appeared challenger approaching landing a plane step one reduce their speed check step to reduce altitude check step three extend landing gear oh shit can I copy your homework yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied okay Delta every person who have Simpson cash United hey can I copy your homework yeah do you just change it up a little bit so it does not look obvious sure thing leap Zig full starter pack what gives people feelings of power money status Emirates first class trust me I'm an expert ben-gurion airport starter pack imation so I must like maths I dye my hair crazy colors so I must be looking for attention I'm Punk so I must rebel I have inverted gull wing so I must be an f4u Corsair imagine having an engine failure this post was made by the gliders gang weird flex but okay you're taxiing and this guy slaps your airplanes fuselage what do you do what normal people see what I see the loudest sounds on earth concert speakers fireworks gunfire bewail Space Shuttle my instructor yelling at me not to go below the minima hey can I copy your homework sure just make it look different so that it doesn't look like you just copied it sure thing two jumbo jets cracking a joke and having a good laugh at Miami International Airport roses are red don't eat too much lard an airplane somehow ended up an entirely the wrong country because directions are hard 3-series CSeries madrid airport starter pack when your plane is about to crash and you realize your phone wasn't in airplane mode roses red nose down to break stall this is their traffic control and we have a number for you to call normal people 747 dream lifts sir is this a pregnant 747 who would win a really heavy Antonov an-225 that weighs two hundred and eighty five thousand kilograms small pushing back boy me yo pass the aux cord friend you better not play trash me RAF Royal Air Force RAF one Australian Air Force are a RAF roses are red giving flowers is kind the 747 shouldn't retire change my mind ben shapiro destroys left-wing everyone else in the plane Stansted Airport starter pack spotters at small airports when there are storms nearby major ones me begins takeoff roll everyone else on the taxiway Warsaw Chopin air board starter pack when you're about to connect to the planes in-flight Wi-Fi and you see a second connection at full bars my heart landing in calm conditions landing in crosswinds landing and hearing wind shear wind shear at 50 feet normal people me just because an a320 has winglets doesn't mean it's an a320 near me brakes eoq everyone else in the cockpit fsx with default 737 explain 11 with zero 737

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