Aviation Expert: 'It's Gonna Be A Project' To Get Helicopter Off Roof After Deadly Crash

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Aviation expert Al Yurman spoke to CBS2 about how crews could possibly get the helicopter off the roof of a Midtown building after Monday’s crash.

let's go to the phone right now we have a Yurman who has been watching aviation for some time now and he's our aviation expert this afternoon al got a question for you if I were to tell you that at the chopper crashed in midtown Manhattan on a gray and rainy day and only the pilot died when he crashed on top of a roof and the firefighters knocked the fire down within four five six minutes something like that and no one else was hurt and no debris rained down on the street what's your reaction to hearing that well I've heard so far okay he took off in 34th Street we've got a weather problem MO visibility low ceiling we need to reduce we've done is check into the qualifications of the pilot any aircraft my immediate reaction is disorientation after taking off after leaving 34th Street and then he was intending to go down and probably go down a river towards Statue of Liberty but once he got into the clouds depending on his qualifications and depending on the instrumentation in the helicopter may have got disoriented and the only thing he probably looks could see was the building too late he hit it and the aircraft did not you know disintegrate enough to where they started sending debris out very lucky very lucky because you know normally no traffic will go across the city like that right I think you make an important point out because disorientation could very well be it when you look at its 34th streets in midtown Linden New Jersey is south of the Statue of Liberty kind of equal to the top part of Staten Island and here he is in Midtown 51st 52nd Street at 7th Avenue what on earth is he doing all the way over there right once he once you took coffee pie again we got to check his car cases and see what kind of imitations well first of all would tell you he didn't have an instrument clearance coming out of 34th Street there's no controllers there and they will have records if he did file an instrument flight plan which I doubt that he did so that that's the main things that the investigators ought to look into his qualifications whether the aircraft was qualified to even fly an instrument conditions and once he took off and he got into the clouds which I understand we're only 400 feet above the ground he could have went to instance when we called in Burton IMC which is in meteorological conditions and lost his orientation and ended up on that building and could that be explained then why he was in this no-fly zone oh yeah absolutely I mean most of the aircraft most of the helicopters flying up down a river fly under the visual flight rules if you need a crosspiece to western west to east flying up either either river the best path is to go over over Central Park we would have an emergency type of if you had an emergency at least had to park to go into if you hit an emergency mechanical emergency by the rivers the best thing to do is go into the river it's the safest thing not in the buildings because it it's just as you see there's no place to go yeah but that's again if he's disoriented we don't we don't know what was happening inside that cockpit whether if it was a health emergency and mechanical problem there were reports of the pilots and the well at least people witnesses that saw the helicopter before the crash that it was flying erratically and also the call from the pilot saying that he was experiencing trouble so we just hope to piece the pieces of this puzzle together as we await the NTSB to arrive there on the scene as far as dismantling al this aircraft on top of this building and getting it back down what what type of job is that do you see any sort of issues that could populace I'm sorry wenona make it a helicopter yes it was an agusta a109 II yeah that's a pretty big helicopter wow that's gonna be they can probably disassemble it up there but that and they may have to work and they have to airlift an orphan air and that that's gonna it's gonna be it's going to be a project to get it down or what they could do could do is you can get some kind of lifting device up there and and lower parts down piece by piece to the street to a truck that would that would probably be the safer way to do it with some kind of you know a wench and rope type of situation or change situation take part by part up on the house on a roof and then lower to the ground onto a truck for disassembly and investigation yeah we're talking fifty one story office building they're right in the middle of Manhattan so it did do excuse 54 story building right there in the middle of Manhattan so to say this is gonna be a big job is definitely it's gonna be a big job and what will probably happen when the NTSB gets here they'll take the pictures right there and and then the tabs well the insurance company is going to be the one that's going to get it down for them or the city city people or whatever they do it but it's going to might have to be it might have to be lowered lowered that way okay al German thank you very much for your insight we appreciate

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