Aviation English at International House Newcastle

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A student describes his classes at IH Newcastle while studying for the T.E.A. exam.

let's start with the one to one thing and how often did you do that it was one hour a day and it was me and cyber and we talk just about aviation and physiology and everything related with the books that was available and we searched some things out of to the books as well and try to to use during the class for me this this one hour per day was the most important of the course because the t EA exam it's a interval so it's basically what you speak that's most important so he gave me some some tips to do well in the exam and for me it was really important this product the PSP the person who study program tell me about the work you did in that the most important PSP it was the fact of I could listen CDs even the internet the school give me one give me one login website just about aviation so I had the chance to to improve my listening and physiology I was in a vested class so it was really good because I proved it my my general English really well and it was important to get fluent in English so it it was a great part of the course as well was there anything that you did in your general English class that helped you with your aviation course basically we have some different vocabulary but the grammar it's the same so the grammar helped a lot the fact that I've been talking with different students in a defensive level it was really helpful to have me to understand the the person house who was interviewing me and to get fluent and in my speaking I had a whole international house team working with me helping me all the time that I need it because you have one to one teacher and two hours of listening per day and a general English so it might work even better than I was expecting I'm really happy with the school and I Richard what I wanted so if you want to reach what you want you should try it international house as well you

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