Ask A Student: Series 2 COMPLETE – Studying Aviation questions answered!

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Want the inside answers to your questions about becoming a flight training student?

Soar Aviation student Nicky sheds some light on his time at Soar Aviation.

my name is Nikki and I'm currently a part-time student enrolled in RPL eleven at saw aviation I chose to study aviation to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming an airline pilot to travel the world and do the thing I love whilst doing that which is flying I chose to study with saw aviation for its accessibility down here Moorabbin Airport and also for its flexibility that it's part-time course allows me to work around my nine-to-five timetable and also allows me to achieve the dream that I want my favorite thing about flying at saw is that the flight school allows me to explore and experience what I can do as a pilot I haven't as yet gone solo yet but that's scheduled sometime down the track and I'll let you know all about it once I've gone solo my favourite aircraft this would be I am era Bristol sitting behind me right now my favourite thing about it is that it's so sporty looking in a streamlined and it's very easy to handle the experience I would never forget was flying was the first time I took off from one where one seven right here from Revit the experience was amazing as it was the first time I've ever been in command of an aircraft whilst taking off from a runway I would also never forget that my stalling lesson which I remember I was really nervous at the start but then towards the end of the lesson all I couldn't remember was I'll never forget it my favorite thing about my flight instructors is that they are very knowledgeable and professional and they're also very encouraging and constructive helping me along the way to achieve the milestones that are set for me my favorite thing about box Hill Institute is that its location is very accessible and convenient just 15 minutes drive from my house and also it has all the facilities to help facilitate us through our course whether it be internet power point computers everything you need studying part time has its benefits such as allow me to work around my 9 to 5 time table during full time work it also allows me to flight on the weekends where I don't have work to get my hours up and to receive my training so in five years time hopefully I would have my CPL and that's after I finished my RPL cluster and also completing my PBL training in five years time hopefully I'll be on my way working towards a major airline to become first officer with him and hopefully somewhere close to being captain the soar community here is very encouraging and supportive whether it be the admin staff or the instructors everyone is a closely needed Bunch and very encouraging to each other often I chat to my peers about what we've gone through in class and what we've experienced during flying we also share experiences throughout our life journey whether it be work relationships or even down to the easy thing as where to eat after class along the way I've definitely made some friends at saw in class we don't we not only talked about you know flying and studying we also hang out sometimes going out on the weekends sharing a meal together and we share experiences through our life journey I'd say the thing I'm most confident in us flying is maintaining straight and level especially during downwind which is very crucial part we have to maintain separation and spacing between the runway and the aircraft around you things I'd probably need to work on is my landing I'm still not quite getting the flare right I don't feel it as such but I'm sure in the near future I'll get a ride and impact

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