*Another Chemical Plant Fire*Two More Planes Go Down*More Florida Booms*Yeman Crisis*

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Can you feel it? Do you see what is going on? We are living in times of unprecedented change. The end of an age. The great unveiling is here! Though we are going through a time of tremendous upheaval and natural disasters what ultimately lies ahead is a new world, a new reality that has been spoken of in so many philosophies, cultures, and traditions. A world of unity, peace, understanding and oneness. Based on co-operation and not competition. Hang on! It’s going to be a wild ride as we uncover all the hidden secrets along the way!

hello my friends evolutionary energy arts family well guys with a chemical plant flat fire near Houston that's now killed one and injured two others so yeah no it's not deja vu this is actually the second such fire of its kind and for the second time in three weeks a Houston area the chemical plant has caught fire sending thick plumes of black smoke into the sky at least one person was killed Tuesday at the kmco plant in Crosby Texas Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzales said two others were in critical condition and were taken by helicopter to the to a hospital Fire Marshal's Office spokeswoman Rachel Moreno said the fire was contained but firefighters were working to keep it from spreading so the sense that started when a transfer line ignited in the area of a tank holding isobutylene according to the sheriff and adjacent storage building also caught fire all residents within a one-mile radius of the plant were ordered to shelter in place that's the second time that has happened and you know the lockdown was lifted a few hours later there does not appear to be hazardous chemicals in the air so once that's what's going on there and speaking of coincidences we have a small plane crashes in North Macedonia for our feared dead here as well and this was a small private plane crashed into a mountain in the central region of the country and all four bulgarian nationals on board are feared dead and so it crashed in a snow-covered peak around 8200 feet high and it's yet another one that has gone down now here the pilot had reported strong turbulence so yet another plane going down and we have a Texas man dying in a plane crash in New Mexico as well and this man was Marvin Monroe Kesey he was 59 he was found dead at the scene of Sunday's crash and the FAA officials say it was a single-engine Cirrus sr22 and police located the wreckage around 4:00 p.m. between Farmington and Crown Point he was the only occupant on board and they are investigating so we also have an avid traveler who's 33 and he dies on at LAX to Melbourne flight or I'm sorry she she has flown many times before as friends say they're at a complete loss as to what killed the happy and healthy tech executive Alicia Tracey 33 of sunshine West died mysteriously on flight qf 94 from LA she was heading home after a holiday in the u.s. when she died on board friend said she had no known medical issues and was healthy and happy and there at a complete loss as to why she died and they will be investigating and you know we were talking about mysterious fumes and things which others have experienced as well so what was this was there anything out of the ordinary here tiny young at 33 most definitely and so over here was that a boom part too and just basically Panama City another mystery boom and and residents reported feeling and hearing it from the Panama City Beach area to port state port st. Joe so what was it that's a bit of a mystery the usgs shows no seismic activity in the area and the Navy and the Air Force bases say they weren't exploding anything now it's interesting because again you know we saw a bunch of quakes over there on the Alabama and Florida border so is this some income something coming from within the earth or is this just Jets or something like that going and buzzing overhead and over here we see a 15 fighter jets buzzing Miami skyline during a training exercise that freaked out some people and it was supposedly a regular training exercise it was conducted by NORAD you know the same folks who tracks Santa's flight every year and anyway this was called Operation noble Eagle and it definitely caught some people's eyes and attention so Oregon may expand gun-free zones and raise the gun buying age or again lawmakers have scheduled about four hours of public hearings on Tuesday a tackle what's shaping up to be this year's principal gun legislation in the morning Senate Judiciary Committee will take testimony on a 44 page proposal that would amongst other things penalized some gun owners who fail to lock up their guns and allow gun dealers to refuse to sell guns to people younger than 21 in the afternoon the House Judiciary Committee will consider a more limited gun safety bill leading up to the hearings most of the rhetoric has been focused on the Senate legislation Senate bill 978 supporters include ceasefire Oregon which called the amendment to the Senate bill 978 important legislation that will reduce gun violence their perennial opponent at the State Capitol the Oregon fire firearms Federation minced no words the bill could be the most extreme attack rights in Oregon history the group wrote in an email to its members and as we're seeing now there's definitely a push out there I'm going on in regards to this as well and over here in Pittsburgh the City Council takes the final vote passes controversial gun legislation and so Pittsburgh City Council took a final vote on Monday morning passing a package of controversial gun laws introduced after last year's mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue the legislation will place restrictions on all military-style assault weapons like the ar-15 rifle that authorities say was used in the October 27th rampage at trio Life in Squirrel Hill which killed 11 people and wounded seven it also bans uses of armor-piercing ammunition in high-capacity magazines and allows the temporary seizure of guns from people who are determined to be a danger to themselves or others and that wording we have heard being used in numerous ones now some Manhattan home sales dropped to a decade low for the first quarter and as it says here purchases dropped for a sixth straight quarter in the first three months of 2019 as sellers struggled to cut prices deep enough to attract offers transactions totaled 2121 the fewest for a first quarter since 2009 so you have a seller generally overpriced and willing to make discounts that bring them closer to market but the buyer is not willing to come up so Jonathan Miller president of Miller Samuel in an interview the bigger the discount or disconnect I'm sorry between buyers and sellers generally speaking the lower the activity is so what we see in signs are we seeing big signs in the economy and we have this going on top Army General says Russia is an existential threat to the US a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying the u.s. makes Russia the only current exit sent existential threat to the you know it states u.s. army chief of staff general mark Milley told lawmakers because of russian nuclear capabilities they are the only country on earth that's capable to destroy the u.s. he said on tuesday a budget hearing before the how Armed Services Committee however having that capacity does not mean Russia is currently planning to use it he had Moscow is likely to threaten our interest for the next 20 years as they attempt to regain control of historic Spears of influence and to shape the European economic and security structures in their favor Russia will seek to undermine a toe and challenge the US and all regions of the world he insisted so arguing for the Army's portion of the Pentagon's 780 billion dollar budget request for 2020 see how that just keeps going up now it's 780 it just constantly skyrockets as we were saying before when do you expect change you just don't get it you get the same thing going in the same direction and that's what we have with both of the parties that have been running this country well both of the apparent parties are running the country and it's really as we know they're both basically two sides of the same coin 113 million worldwide living in food insecurity conflict is the leading cause and so there you go you know it's it's all about filling the military industrial complexes coffers you know and who suffers this little one suffers and isn't there something wrong with that so a new report on famine around the world makes for very grim reading showing starvation ravaging 53 countries mostly due to conflict and climate shocks in some places like 'man the crisis is almost entirely man-made I think it's even more man-made than saying almost I can describe the horrors of what it was like to live under siege but to describe how it feels to be hungry on day one's bad and day two you start to think what can I do about about this beyond that I will not say reads a quote from a Syrian refugee that opens the food security information networks latest global report on food crisis is published Tuesday some 113 million people in 53 countries the majority of them in Africa face chronic food sources last year another hundred and forty three million people in 42 countries were found to be living in stressed conditions on the cusp of acute hunger the growing problem is reflected in the increasing glowing global spending on humanitarian aid which rose from eighteen point four billion in 2013 to twenty-seven point three billion in 2017 so you compare that twenty seven point three to the seven hundred and eighty billion being spent on arms just in the United States alone despite the rise and aid the report's authors argue that humanitarian assistance does not address the root cause of food crisis and you know this is just a situation that we have to keep bringing up as much of us every day every way that we possibly could until we get some sort of change in this world and somehow we don't feel like we have any power to change anything it's it's pretty apparent is it not everything just goes on status quo Washington keeps going on status quo same thing with London same thing in the Vatican nothing changes nothing changes nothing changes and that's very very sad and that needs to change you know more people are waking up to all this every day and still they keep trying to pull the wool over our eyes it's always the stories of the big bad boogeyman that's going to come and so we have to put all of our attention all our tax dollars and everything into you know the military-industrial complex and all the fear and also if they lock down all the technology that's doing nothing but locking us all down into a cyber prison into a global prison and so you know we need a reset we need a restructure we need to change things for little ones like for what are they inheriting here the system is broke and it needs to change and we need to demand that change and we need to exemplify that change that we want to see so my friends as always thumbs up supports to support the channel thank you for your support please do subscribe if you haven't and click the bell and make sure you a script subscribe to both channels evolutionary energy arts and number two as well and share share share I look forward to your comments my friends stay safe out there god bless and namaste

6 thoughts on “*Another Chemical Plant Fire*Two More Planes Go Down*More Florida Booms*Yeman Crisis*”

  1. chemical plants in china again also have been, these happened in 2015 but not so many as now globally after 1st a severe solar storm that yr ,then a 2nd nuclear meltdown happened. There as also been chemistry explosions on a smaller scale in schools again this yr too> and every time everything in our atmosphere gets compounded and I noticed takes less of a solar incoming to affect things in combo progressively….everything must change,earth is cleansing….an economy based only on killing ecology is not the thing to cling to during a pole reversal ongoing process ,it and toxins do not mix…sadly we all took part in it,,we are all responsible,we need to change our ways together .the power of 2 or more in one place ,when many have not yet fully awoken to what kind of collective kind of powers we have

  2. Gun free zones, cities are open crime zones… How people are still convinced otherwise after all the evidence showing the inverse effects of depriving lawful residents open carry. Lowest crime, violence, gun violence? Highest per capita lawful carry….that's the reality.

  3. why are people having babies when they know its hard for them to live ?? War keeps us in debt will there EVER be peace , long enough for people to heal and get healthy then come up with a plan to keep Earth alive …??

  4. These plant fires has to be deliberately set….its too much of coincidence . just like planes going down seems to be computer related, along with planes being grounded

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