AN-32 Aircraft: IAF Releases Visuals Of Wreckage, But No Trace Of The 13 People On-Board

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After relentless manhunt for the missing AN 32 aircraft, IAF personnel have now confirmed that parts of AN 32 aircraft have been found in Arunachal Pradesh. IAF will be sending in more forces in the tough terrain of Arunachal Pradesh where the crash site has been spotted.
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watching a india today and eight days after the Indian Air Force's say a and 32 aircraft went missing while on its way to Arunachala their wreckage has been found and on your screens right now is the first footage that you see there that's been released by the IAF of the wreckage you see there are right in that mountainous region a in the dense forests one part of the video shows the wreckage now the difficulty really that the Air Force is having right now is to ensure that its ground team can reach that spot and the latest update that we can also get you is that they are planning that from a certain location they will now have to trek to where the wreckage has been found a team comprising of personnel from the IAF Army Civil Mountaineers have been airlifted to a location very close to the crash site and from that spot they are going to be trekking to where the wreckage was spotted yesterday but this is the first footage that India Today has access to off where the wreckage was found this is in Arunachal sleep oh and you see why it took 8 days to find that wreckage it's densely forested these are mountains and considering the inclement weather also over the last one week the IAF has had several challenges that they've had to face to find that wreckage yesterday we had gotten an update that an IAF chopper had finally found the wreckage and then the IAF statement confirming that yes it was the wreckage of the missing a and 32 aircraft now the challenges on ensuring that the ground team can actually reach to that spot where the wreckage is we're now being told that a team of IAF personnel of Army personnel and civil Mountaineers will have to Trek they're being airlifted to a certain point very close to the crash site and then they are going to be going trekking to the exact sporter of the wreckage until the ground team gets there unfortunately there will be no word on the 13 persons who were onboard the and 32 aircraft the IAF India statement also has maintained as far as survivors as far as the fate of the 13 people on board goes they will only be able to put out a statement after the ground team reaches so the focus right now is on ensuring that the IAF personnel can actually reach to that point where the wreckage is in fact the strategy now is to ensure that several personnel are air-dropped very close to where the wreckage has been found and from there they will be trekking on your screens right now is the footage that we have accessed and you can see the kind of terrain that's there the weather as well at this point er of course they have found the wreckage it is very close to the mountaintop and personnel will now be trucking to that site where the wreckage of the an-32 has been found they're also going to be recovering parts of that wreckage to ensure that they can take it a fall a detailed investigation into exactly what led to the crash of this aircraft the an-32 which had taken off from asam's your heart last Monday and was making its way to Arunachal Pradesh suddenly disappeared almost half an hour after takeoff from Jorhat and now eight days on yesterday is when the IAF confirmed that they have found the wreckage on your screens right now is the first footage that India today has accessed off the recce of salt that's being conducted at the site to figure out exactly how personnel can reach to where the wreckage was found in fact this entire area if you can see not just from the terrain is very mountainous but also densely forested very thick forestation and cover there which is what led to it being such a challenge to find the wreckage by itself remember it's row also pitched in you had choppers you had unmanned aerial vehicles all of that being used and finally the wreckage was found by a chopper yesterday I'm Cathy ahi is joining us with more details on the story on ket ask me beam these visuals one of the latest are bids at weekly rent from the IAF four on the ground team reaching the wreckage well what we've been told as far the sources in the Indian Air Force are concerned that an Indian Air Force Army 17 and Army's who helicopters are airborne and have conducted monitoring rescue teams at a landing ground near the an-32 crash site it is about 12 to 15 to places where the ground t have been in fact I dropped 12 to 15 kilometers away from the crash site and they are approaching the area we are yet to get any confirmation of the ground teams in fact reaching the crash site and and and then of course they will be confirming you know the first-hand information about in survivor or what is the condition as far as this plane is concerned but very important to moshe in portugal that it was after 30 days that the wreckage was found the monitoring team of the Indian Air Force Army and the Civil Administration has jointly been formed the kuru commandos also taking part in this and now they will be they will look for the survivors and inspect the an-32 wreckage a very very important time as far as the 13:32 plane is concerned remember it suddenly went off the radar and since then there was massive speculation this entire area as you very correctly pointed out and just describe to our viewers is heavily forested it's very very difficult in fact there are still aircraft go back to which go back as far as the world war two which are missing in this area so this was only yesterday when the Indian Air Force helicopters in fact I mean 17 helicopter was able to locate the wreckage and since then there has been frantic space at which the Indian Air Force is trying to make sure that at least some boots are in fact up they reach the crash site this will not only be a very very significant for the families but also at this point of time the entire country looking at a possibly hoping for some sort of a miracle as far as the table avoid any possibility of however that concern you know okay that's taken eight days for them to locate the wreckage because of the kind of challenges that the terrain poses the inclement weather also but now as well for the ground team to reach the wreckage it is another mammoth challenge it could possibly take another 24 to 48 hours absolutely speaking about gates is quite easy there are two points got a and Aleppo from where for us the ground teams are trying to make their way in both about 12 to 16 kilometers away in different directions and these 12 to 16 kilometers are not a walk in the park this is a very very treacherous terrain heavily forested and there are thicker foliage and mountains in fact in this area so it really takes quite a lot of time for the impact other Indian Air Force Army and the civil monitoring teams to make their way to the crash site and only then we would get a confirmation about you know the possibility or whether there is any survivor or not and also what happens in this game 32 this is going to be a very very difficult task for the teams which are involved too indirect you for operations right now absolutely okay thanks for joining us I want to quickly take this across to our defense editor Abhishek Butler as well Abhishek as we beam those first visuals so off that area where the wreckage has been found what are you picking up from his sources on the latest as far as you know the ground teams reaching that wreckage site goes well what the air force officers have told us is that the helicopters they dropped some of the ground teams to our site which is close to the wreckage spot they couldn't actually land exactly at the place where the wreckage has been found because that area is extremely difficult to fly in and there wasn't a viable landing option in that area that's why they had to be airdrop close fire to it and from here they will begin best Tech's they'll have to walk all the way up it will take some time for them to actually reach the spot and only after that will they begin their combing up operations in the now this is tensley dense area with thick forest and locating either other parts of the wreckage or survivors or even bodies of those who have were traveling in the year 32 will be a daunting task but Air Force commandos III CBP personnel army personnel local Mountaineers are going to be extremely crucial because they will also double up as guides for the military teams that will be carrying out search operations in the area for the moment what we know is that they have been air dropped at a site close to the record spot in some time we'll hopefully hear of them getting closer to the updates on operation is going to from now alright thank you so much for joining us with all those details

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