American Aviator Watch As Seen on TV – Crappy MC. Crap Face!!!

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World War II inspired watch pitched by Pawn Star front man Rick Harrison.

The Real Deal was the A-11 and was a World War II icon.
Made by: Elgin, Bulova and Waltham

Watch resistant to 3ATM / 98 feet.

Loses a minute a day.
Barely glows in the dark.
Loud movement.

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bread here welcome back to the gear obsession Channel today we'll be taking a look at the American aviator watch you probably couldn't see that very well but this watch is one of those ass feed on TV and we all know how great all those products that are acid on TV are right paid $40 at Walmart like $39.99 you could also get it on Amazon I went ahead and provided a link below I think when I created the link down there it was about $36 and there's the guy who's pitching it right there Rick Harrison right Rick Harrison he is the guy who's pitching this the guy who's the pawn shop one star not a porn store but I'm probably saying it wrong he's on that show Pawn Stars where you would think that this guy's the authority on quality things right so he's pitching this watch saying that it is like a world war ii aviator watch i do have a picture i'll go ahead and pop it up of some real but there there were actual World War 2 aviator watches and one of them was the a 11 was issued to the military and was a world war 2 icon be a 11 and you can find them out on the internet and they were manufactured by three companies one was called L Glenn and Bulova and lost them and those are the three companies that produced the authentic watch and you can see it doesn't look exactly like it but this is so little modeled roughly on it inspired by is probably the words they use besides the watch they give you this little envelope with a lot of information you get your certificate of authenticity authentic you get some information on how to pull the little plastic thing that's under the stem to get it to start working and taking the plastic film off the front of the lens and maybe even how to change the batteries yeah there you go and we'll go ahead and open this up here shortly and they also give you this little aviator history lesson thing I don't know whatever but the features that they claim this watch has is and has a precision movement false ally this lacks loses one minute a day I've had this for ten days and in ten minutes behind one minute a day not precision will open it up will see if there's a way to adjust it I kind of doubt it large easy to display to read depends on how old you are it has full luminescent hands and numbers the hands do an okay job the numbers barely at all we'll take a look at that and then they talk about the band being breathable nylon some of the things I really hate about this watch is how deceptive it is for instance they should be American flag not made in the USA it's made in China however nowhere on the back or on the front does it say where it's made it just shows the American flag you have to go all the way to the band to see that it's made in China also you could see how the van on one side is a nice nylon which I do like the color and and the way it looks until you start getting close and you can see all the Fred little threads all coming off great the red salt of it all doesn't look that good and this back here you think oh it's lettuce right like a real leather van now you have the back sort of leather and the Front's whatever it is no this is the vinyl single stitch it's probably not going to last very long the reviews a lot of people complain that it does come apart now let's take a look at the back you see these screws right here those grooves are usually used to unscrew the back so you go ahead and in this case change the battery and you would use a tool hit like this will you put each end into the grooves and you put it in there and turn like here's a real watch with a real back with the real grooves and the way that you change the battery and just watch it to the Monica is you put this in here and you start turning and that makes for a good waterproof watch however they fake these these are not real imitations they just for show they even fake that because if you look really close right here you see this little groove here that they have that's the pry this is a snap back you pry this open it's my frie going to go ahead and pry this open now because I want to see if there's any way to adjust this guy because it does not keep good time okay I had a pry off camera but I went ahead and you know how to take this flat head screw you are and we're scratching it up and I finally was able to pry on the area where it's made to pry up on I don't know if you can see that crater and here is what we have inside now the hair probably my hair I hope but Wow hey there's not much going on in there but um hmm pretty empty in there I'm not sure if there's any place to maybe pull its plastic out maybe hopefully there's some place where I could adjust the speed well there's the whole precision as precise as World War 2 more precise in World War two but Wow there's the watch tiny little that hang it up and there we go says China we could see that so there is assurance that yes this is made in China now I'm looking for any place that has an adjustment for fast flow sometimes these units have something in there that allows you to get in there and change the speed this basically quartz quartz supposed to be very accurate because it vibrates at a set amount of time you know when you put electric through it but you know what hmm somehow they managed to screw it up I'm going to take a close look here on the magnifying glass by the way here's the opposite side also says Made in China again just to show you this is America why go outside China on the other after close examination I do not see anywhere on here we used to adjust the speed so it's a minute minutes flow a day and it is what it is and if you read some of views online I think there aren't some other people that complain that it does not keep time very well either I'm going to go ahead and snap this back up by the way it is waterproof to three atmospheres which is about 98 feet underwater hopefully you can see the gasket here so we'll just go ahead and snap that back on other ways you know that this is a cheap watch is by how loud it is I'm going to go ahead and put this up to the microphone so you could hear it I'm not sure if you're able to but it is a pretty loud watch another way you could tell a watch is cheap is when you're setting it let me just demonstrate this I'm going to go ahead and pull this pin out so it's like where you set it and look it's very hard to get precise well look how the whole movement sort of moves around like watch the second hand as I go back and forth the whole thing is just absolutely nasty so you're sitting there trying to set it up first when you press it in it's gonna it's going to jump around a bit but uh really not very good at all it just it just feels like a toy honestly now the next thing is there's supposed to be photoluminescent and you can see it does little Luminess but it only lasts maybe a minute and then it dies out so it doesn't last very long the numbers are supposed to be photoluminescent also however you could see that they're really not it takes a lot again that they go in a dark if i put a thousand lumen flashlight on this wing for a little while it may actually do that so I thought we'll go ahead and do that right here go ahead and just get this guy on there all right well you might be able to see a little bit of the numbers there but really not good at all well there's all the the nastiness about this watch not a good watch at all you can do better by going to the Walmart discount section and get a ten dollar watch don't waste your money on this unless you just gotta have it because you have that certificate of authenticity here is we'll take one more look at my certificate of authenticity there it is the three hand analog movement this is authentic crap well here's my opinion you could go to Walmart and get a $5 Batman watch in the kids section it would be more accurate and more collectible than this I would find it absolutely hilarious if somebody went to the porn shop of the porn star guy and said hey I got a watch and it even has a certificate of authenticity how much would you get for he should be embarrassed for pitching something like this he loses a lot of credibility by putting his name on this watch out he pulls it off the market because I think it really makes him and the show look bad it looks like a lot you know when you when you watch the show the pawnshop show on TV it's not the actual store it's a reproduction of the store that and all the people welcome I hire actors kind of fake their – so lots of fake stuff going on now I did say that the case didn't say made in China and they had the flag I do want to stipulate that on the Box it does say made in China so they're not completely lying you're sort of worn outside the box that is the case I don't want to just slam them for slander you know what I mean sort of certificate authenticity okay it's authentic whatever they say it is on the box it's not a Senate World War two it's a poor representation of World War two it's not accurate as accurate as anything in well of course – it's crap crap emic crap see what can I say I don't recommend it all right well anyway thank you very much for joining me here is your obsession channel I really do appreciate every friend viewer subscriber and especially you and I hope have a great day or evening take care bye

50 thoughts on “American Aviator Watch As Seen on TV – Crappy MC. Crap Face!!!”

  1. It's hardly surprising that Rick Harrison is the pitchman for this watch yet it means absolutely nothing. In all truth this fact in my opinion makes the watch suspect. I would not believe Rick Harrison if his tongue came notarized and I have my reasons for saying that based on his own show Pawn Stars.

    They certainly picked a winner with Rick who has many of the same qualities of the watch. Both are fake and deceptive. This watch much like Rick is slow and a sellout.

    Even worse it comes with a certificate of authenticity as if it was a freaking Rolex …. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. I’m sick of all this garbage from China! Do they actually invent anything? Or just make garbage copies?!
    I wear this when I’m working on the lawn or kayaking… it stops sometimes and you have to jiggle the stem thingy! You’ll need a back up watch if you really want to trust what time it is…
    I agree it’s junk, waste of money!!!!

  3. I was given one of these. It would randomly stop every few days, so I couldn't reliably use it. It's ashamed it would've been a cool looking watch it just doesn't perform…

  4. WOW Im glad I saw this before I WASTED my monry, I am going to get a aviation watch, just because I like the look snd im gonna look for an authentic ww2 watch, THANK YOU !!!!

  5. It does has a SII(seiko) quartz made in singapore. At least that is what I can see from the engraving. But 1 min per day is not right for a quartz movement. I recently got 2 naviforce quartz also with seiko quartz. Has been spot on accurate for about a week now. Similar look to this also made in china cheap watches. With real screw down back & I have submerged both in water with no problems. Best part is they are only $10 on ebay.

  6. I am into watches a bit myself. First: You can get a Seiko Automatic flight watch for about $60 and even though it's an automatic it's still keep better time. And a quartz shouldn't lose or gain more than 0.5 in a month. So a minute a day is kinda bad. I loved how you really showed everything that was wrong with it. The guy himself wears kind of show-off watches like golden rolex and such. Something that people who are really into watches probably wouldn't wear.. just saying.

  7. I don't disagree with your review of a crap watch, but i have to say one thing: i have vintage good quality watches (swiss made and japanese), mechanical, and you can hear them tic perfectly. 🙂 So, being loud, by itself, is not a sign of a bad watch. 🙂

  8. You spent too much time actually giving it a fair review when it clearly didn't deserve it. That's dedication! I knew there was a reason I was subscribed to you!

  9. Strangely enough. the accuracy spec on the original A-11 watch was 30 seconds per day which kind of surprised me. You would think that the military would have demanded better than that. Perhaps that was a reasonable spec for a wrist watch back in the 1940's at the particular price point that the A-11 was at. Anyway thanks for the warning on this one.

  10. Junk. Total junk. I have a beater watch I wear sometimes, Its a $17 Armitorn with Analog & digital display. Have had it for 6 years. I have never reset it since I bought it. Its about 6 minutes fast since then. Still has the same band. It get wet all the time from washing my hands etc. My main watch is a Tissot T-Touch I bought in 2003. It was expensive but it still works perfectly.

  11. Pawn Stars lost all creditability with me when they fired that girl for taking tasteful nudes, and kept Chumlee on after he got arrested with crank and unregistered guns.

  12. The US flag on one side and China printed on the under side is like them spitting in your face. Man that is disgraceful! wow. Great video and well done review 🙂

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