Amazing timelapse of US aircraft carrier in Suez Canal

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Amazing timelapse of the USS Abraham Lincoln passing through the Suez Canal.

The massive aircraft carrier and its strike group are heading to the Persian Gulf.

The White House says the move is in response to an unspecified threat from Iran.

Report by Jeremy Barnes.

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7 thoughts on “Amazing timelapse of US aircraft carrier in Suez Canal”

  1. Our natural instincts warn us not to pass the boundary line of right, 'it is not the social laws that restrain murder so much as the natural laws', the restrain American instincts hold onto are deviant and abnormal in comparison to the natural laws held onto by humanism.

  2. There is no threat from Iran , and so far ur dumbass president is the only threat , not only to Iran but to the states itself , but if that battlegroup attacks innocent lives for no reason , and starts a a war , i very much wish everyone on those ships die to their miserable death

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