Airport Gets Flooded

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This is Weekly Dose Of Aviation #20

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Airport Gets Flooded –

Evacuation Slide –

F35 Foam Salute –

Jet Engine Flamethrower –

Nose Gear Failure –

Air Refueling Fail –

747 Snow Takeoff –

Chickens On A Plane –

Cessna 172 Near Mid Air Collision –

Fire Fighting Plane Close Call –

This is of course heavily inspired by Daily Dose Of Internet –

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this Airport in India got flooded after some heavy rain this flight attendant activated the emergency slide instead of opening the door this is not almost collided with another plane on final approach this jet plane throwing flames from Sanjay this firefighting plane almost flew into Hill this Air Refueling almost went really wrong [Applause] these chickens got to travel on a play this pilot learning a plane without his front gear this Dutch f-35 accidentally got sprayed with foam instead of water nice sock lettuce available like Ava awesome yeah they make you shape it over here a video 5 another caution laughs yeah and finally this 747 took off with almost zero visibility that's it for this week I hope you guys enjoyed all the sources will be linked in the description as usual don't forget to subscribe for new I'll see you guys in the next video

45 thoughts on “Airport Gets Flooded”

  1. first the plane with fire out its ass, was dumping fuel (you can clearly see the fuel coming form between the 2 engines). Second "Woop Woop, Terrain Terrain. PULL UP! PULL UP!"

  2. the plane with fire coming out is called the F-111 Aardvark which uses fuel behind the engines to catch the fuel on fire.
    it was used to fool enemies in thinking that the target is on fire

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