Airbus Eurocopter EC120B Colibri helicopter flight and review + how to fly

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Take a close up look and flight in one of my all time favorite aircraft the EC120B Colibri/Hummingbird, the sports car of helicopters. Priced at $1.8 million new they are not for everyone.

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37 thoughts on “Airbus Eurocopter EC120B Colibri helicopter flight and review + how to fly”

  1. if I were asking these questions and kept hearing "Ahhhh uhhhhh" and seeing his sideways smirk, I'd shake the guys hand, thank him and get the F out of there before he started anything. Guy sounded like he just read the pamphlet 2 minutes before the cameras rolled.

  2. When they talk on the intercom you can hardly make out what they are saying… Can't be good for safety etc. is that just how it comes across in the recording and in reality it's much clearer, or is it an accurate representation of audio clarity over the headphones / mics?

  3. I'm sorry but the Pilot on the RIght smells like a huge ego. Nick, on the other hand, an enthusiastic nice guy trying to review and do his thing. top lad. good video.

  4. This is a beauty!!!! And the sound is just no equal. The design and technology! I came to the US in the intention of learning English and get a Helicopter license. I did pretty well on the first goal but never got close to even start the second. I guess that's going to be for the next life.
    I got to fly alongside a great Pilot in Brazil back in the late 80's in an Ecureuil AS350 B2 HB. He did great maneuvers that would probably not be allowed here in the states and I was delighted!!
    Great video, Nick

  5. I've become a huge aviation enthusiast thanks to Nick Murray introducing me via these helicopter reviews! Nick I'd like to see you fly those mini 2 stroke piston engine powered helicopters, I am curious to see how different powertrains influence the flight characteristics. That and of course as I'm starting out: smaller=cheaper=more easy to wrap my head around flying/owning one someday, Thanks Nick!

  6. Are you supposed to seek air traffic control permission to take off or to cross a runway?as You did not ask permission off air traffic control for take off clearance why? Thank you for showing us

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