Air Stewardess CebuPac

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Jan 2011

oh mouth and breathe normally if you're traveling with a child first put on your own mask and then the child's mouth skis mask until your fighter above it now please take note of their emergency exits mark along each side of the cabin and to access the rescue for further information be supportive as safety instruction card found a seat pocket in front of you these aircrafts given and scheme apply consistent engagement emergency evacuation the lights to illuminate leading into the exits five signatures are located in the board overhead bin and made a bulkhead a very section of the aircraft operations the device is black hardest at the equipment itself thank you

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  1. CEBU PACIFIC service not good at all, and every time you book online at cebu pacific a lot of hidden charges will be added to your fare….example. manila to kalibo Php 999.00 one way but the end of the booking you make it will cost the total amount of Php 1,738.48 in this amount insurance is included but in this price only hand carry baggage are allowed the 15 kilos baggage is NOT FREE OF CHARGE.this airline is not a budget airline anymore.

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