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good evening ladies and gentlemen my name is keno Thomas and I like to welcome to the Officer Candidate test preparation today's question is going to come from the math of knowledge section on the Officer Candidate test and the question is asking us to arrange these fractions from largest to smallest okay and again let me initially forgive me my screen recorder is down and we're just thought I'd like this right now until we get it back up we will revisit these and and and re-edit the video so you have crystal-clear writing and stuff like that but the important thing is that we get the information out and that's what we're doing so we're pressing on here so our fractions that we're gonna range from largest to smallest are one-third two fifths and for 15 for 15 okay now just by looking at these I'm not even gonna say what I know or what I see let's just focus on executing these problems properly what I would like to do because I'd like to turn all of these in the decimal form now clearly you're gonna have options ABCD but instead of writing all that gibberish what I like to do is just focus on the problem so from largest smallest I'll change all of these into decimal form 1 over 3 which is about point 3 3 2 over 5 which is about 40% 1.40 and then for over 15 it's about 1/4 roughly about 1/4 about 25 0.25 so let's see what we come up with so how do we come up with the decimals easy we will divide the numerator by the denominator so 1/3 and I said 0.33 yeah it's point three three and it's a repeating decimal actually which means it's one point three three three three three three three three but don't worry about that just point three three all right the next one I said about forty percent or point four zero two divided by 5 equals exactly what I said in point four and last but not least 4 divided by 15 I started that around twenty five percent twenty six point twenty six so 0.26 0.26 or twenty six percent so the ranges from largest to smallest would be one third oh I'm sorry my bad my bad my bad – fifth – fits one third that's a comma that's a comma and then fourteen fifteen all right because 0.4 0 we just keep you long so just look at this forty thirty three and twenty six don't even look at the decimals just forty thirty three and then twenty six so two fifths one-third and then for fifteen so this is our final answer our fractions from largest to smallest okay so that concludes our practice question for the Officer Candidate test math math knowledge was a subject please like to subscribe if you have any if you know anybody if you or anybody you know is preparing for Officer Candidate test just like and subscribe they're gonna be tons of videos coming I'm gonna keep them come and keep having them of hammering them out and giving you nice critique ways to execute these questions so you can score a awesome score on these so this is keno thomas i thank you for watching good night you

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  1. Sir, an advise for future videos. Please go through all the problem instead of using a calculator. That way people understand how you got the answers. Remember there is no calculator in the test area, only a scratch paper. Example (I am doing my best to illustrate the problem using the provided space below):

    3.0 (2*5=10 <*roll over 1>, 2*1=2 then 2+1=3)
    1.00 (subtract and add zero in order to fit 15 in 1.0)
    .90 (6*5=30 <*roll over 3>, 6*1=6 then 6+3=90)
    .10 (Keep adding zero and eventually you'll get .266666666666667 on top)

    You should've round .266 to .27 instead. Thank you for your videos, sir.

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