Adventures With Aviator – EPIC Wingsuit Skydiving Through The Clouds — An Aviator Adventure

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Music From Blackmill:

Huge thanks to Scotty Burns for the footage, guidance and EPIC wingsuit training…

And a thank you to EACH of you who take the time to watch this video… Means the world to me!

Until Next Time… Cheers Guys & Gals!


P.S. A special thanks to AviatorMediaHouse and Matt Lindsay for helping on this video.

42 thoughts on “Adventures With Aviator – EPIC Wingsuit Skydiving Through The Clouds — An Aviator Adventure”

  1. incredible awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no words can describe your video..  this is probably the best way to live your life right.. i'm so speechless

  2. it's like in heaven…god…it's so beautiful up there…one jump like this can change you for ever…it's so many things to see and to see the true beauty of nature…i never tought you can really touch the sky's…but i think you can…i would love to have oportunity to jump just once in my life…

  3. My dreams r coming true…i took the first step towards skydiving…aff course….im on level 4. If u truly love these vids and want to skydive as bad as i wanted then take the aff course u will not regret it…the only thing u have to regret is not taking action and getting out there and doing it. Go for it!! U only live once!!

  4. THANK YOU! Please never stop making videos (with these type of music).
    but it will be nice if there were less random messages popping up/clutters (I watch this fairly often enough)

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