Aaron Organ | Aviation Management Graduate

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Graduate Aaron Organ and mentor Dr. Ryan Leick talk about Aaron’s career which began during his studies through an internship.

I'm Aaron Organ, I currently work for the
American Association of Airport Executives as a coordinator in their
training and business development department and I am a 2018 graduate from
the Utah Valley University Aviation Management Program. What we do as a team is provide training and professional development products and services to airports throughout the world. We usually have like a four or five
month lead time from the time that I have an initial call with an airport
that says hey, we need to train 20 of our police officers in airport security and
airport law enforcement. Can you do that? Yeah, we can do that. So then we set up
all the logistics to where 3 or 4 months later they're sitting in a classroom with an instructor. Whatever airports need to have their employees trained on or to learn from things that have happened, we provide that service. How that all happened was through an internship. I got an internship with AAAE. One of the things that sets UVU apart is we allow students to go and work, even full-time while they're finishing up their degree because we've got the online flexibility. Aaron's a great example of, after finishing the internship had the opportunity to stay on full-time so even though he went out
there just for the Summer, got offered the job to stay on full-time and never ended up coming back to class. I was able to accept this job offer and continue finishing my school online which my employer, the company is really
supportive of that. We tend to have a lot of students that are well on their way, not just in their careers, but in life as well. So we've got students that are
working full-time whether it's in aviation or not, a lot have started families already. That's not something that's very easy to deal with at a traditional college. So while we tend to be a commuter campus, we also have the online program that gives students a lot of flexibility in how they want to complete their degree. They can start here taking classes in person and then move on to online classes as they're pursuing their career and moving around the country. So you don't have to physically be in Provo or in Utah even to finish up the degree. It's whatever works for your environment.

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