A missing plane from 1955 landed after 37 years | Riddle of missing flight 914

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Mysterious Pan American Flight 914 landed after 37 years of disappearance | Time travel or Time lapse? .
A missing plane from 1955 landed after 37 years.
Riddle of flight 914,Time-Travel or Time-laps?
Pan american flight 914 took off in 1955 but landed after 37 years.
plane took off from New York and was supposed to land in miami but
landed in carcas,Venezuela south america 1800 kilometer ahead of its destination
in 1992.
there were 57 passengers and five flight personnel on this plane.
Eye witness Juan de la Corte and conversation bw pilot and control tower is evidence
pilot also had calender of 1955.
September 9, 1990, Caraga Venezuela South America. A long Douglas-type
aircraft suddenly appeared over Caracas airport.

The airport’s radar could not find the plane after the Pilot called the
airport control tower asking where they were.

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  1. AS captain of this flight, I can tell you its all true. Foo Fighters DO exist. They need nutrients from both our pineal glands and a compound found in SOME individuals musculature. Your life is a lie. You are NOT free, you live in a zoo like menagerie where independent thought is an illusion. What are some people billionaires and some people are penniless starving unfortunates? When you understand the goal of our handlers, you’ll understand the despair of out situation. I opted to return to our system here on earth where scrutiny is less obtrusive and to revel once more in the perceived reality of independent thought. There were a few passengers who were unhappy about our escape and hope to return to that stasis of incarceration where reality is bent to our will and time is shown to be the illusion it is. I’m selfish and sentimental. I wanted to return to my family post haste. Our journey was only around 6 hours as we perceive time. I didn’t like our reception or being forced to bear the burden of the truth of our situation and attempted once to escape with no luck. The second escape was a success as EVERYONE involved was returned without exception. My message and hypothesis: There IS more. Keep searching and you may find it.

  2. All of what is listed below sounds good but, which airplane was actually missing there were at least 5 different airplanes shown through the short but not so convincing video. Pick an airplane and everything listed below will now have their correct seat. Remember to place your seat in the up-right position for landing. Hope you enjoyed your flight …..

  3. There are dimensions in space time that are different from our own..If these vehicles enter them they could have experienced time minutes or hours compared to months or even years in our part of the universe.

  4. Oh yah……..I was on board……….Elvis was the pilot, Jimmy Hoffa co-pilot and Marilyn Monroe was a flight attendant……….true story!!!!

  5. Knowing my luck I wouldn’t be surprised if a ghost plane landed in my vicinity and took off for another 30 years. Flying by supernatural forces.. some things are only meant for you to see. Just because EVERYONE didn’t see it doesn’t mean it is nonexistent

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