5 Things about 1st World War?

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First World War 1:

1. It was a Global War:

30 Nation participated in it.

Team – 1: Serbia, Russia, France, Britain, Italy and US
Team – 2: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire

2. IT is a far better to face the Bullets:

65 Million people volunteerly participated it that war.
Civilians attacked by Army in all the regions


Britain produces 4 nearly 4 million Rifles, 250000 Machine Guns, 52000 aeroplanes,
2800 Tanks, 25000 Artillery Pieces and over 170 Million Rounds of artillery shells
by 1918.

4. It was a war of Innovation:

Advance weapons manufactured by that time
Innovation like Communications and Medicine industry

5. It was a war of Destruction:

1st World war 16 million Soldiers and civilians dead.

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