28 Hours And Counting, Still No Trace Of AN-32 Aircraft, Search Operations Still Underway

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An Indian Air Force transport aircraft has gone missing after taking off from an airbase in Assam. The last contact with the aircraft — an Antonov An-32 military transport aircraft — was at around 1pm today. 13 people were on board the plane, including eight crew members and five passengers. Will they find a breakthrough in their relentless efforts to find the missing plane?
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a story that should be on every Indians mind perhaps this evening than any other it's been 28 hours viewer and Counting since an Indian Air Force an-32 transport aircraft disappeared from radar while flying from Assam to the China border in Arunachal Pradesh with 13 people including the crew on board this was a routine flight carrying equipment and personnel to the sensitive advanced landing ground in Machuca bang on the China India border the aircraft took off took off from Jerrod on Monday at 12:27 p.m. for Arunachal around 1:00 p.m. it lost contact with ground control the Air Force and Army have launched a joint search operation along with the Indian Navy's aircraft to locate the missing an-32 but cloudy and rainy weather conditions in Arunachal Pradesh have been hampering search operations since early this morning the Indian Air Force has deployed Sukhoi 30 fighters c-130j transport aircraft another an-32 along with to me 17 and drew Vela copters to locate the missing aircraft the Indian Space Research Organisation to his swung into action and activated its satellites over Arunachal Pradesh and a Sam to locate the missing aircraft the Indian Air Force has confirmed a total of eight crew members and five passengers were on board all military personnel there's been no contact with the aircraft's pilot Ashish tower as well we've got pictures of the pilot still communicate travel fast restrict me you see parsley see or false peacock divot heard earlier on on the job and there since yesterday and all through the night and such of then till now we have not got any cute nothing for this is a specific rule assigned by how much not my mark until arrived now the question that most people are asking about this mysterious disappearance is number one why is it taking so long to find an aircraft wreckage surely there must be some kind of equipment on board the aircraft that helps search crews actually find it which brings me to question number two which is why hasn't the emergency locator beacon which is integrated on all Air Force aircraft why is that not switched on because an emergency locator beacon would have switched on and sent out a radio signal allowing the search teams to zero in on an aircraft you know after it is crashed the has the Indian Air Force therefore been deprived of reliable emergency systems if this aircraft had gone down in an emergency landing or a hard landing if not a crash that has the Air Force simply been deprived of reliable emergency systems which would have allowed the search teams there are helicopters and aircraft in the air as we speak hunting for this aircraft and it's been 28 hours and nobody knows where it is which is scandalous in modern aviation all by itself I want to bring in India today's executive editor god of Savin that will have information on your screen about how there have been many accidents over the years and there are missing aircraft even now as far as the Indian Air Force is concerned including an a n32 from back in 2016 over the Bay of Bengal god of bring us up to speed on the latest if I'm not mistaken the Indian Navy the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force are out in full force searching for this missing an-32 but 28 hours later amazingly still no sign of this aircraft in fact that's the most disappointing aspect that 28 hours after the aircraft went missing or was long overdue for landing efforts to locate the aircraft haven't succeeded so far chef so at this point of time the Indian Space Research Organisation it shows assistance has also been shot as far as the emergency you know locator beacon is concerned that's the big point because after that make 21 went down remain missing in the Northeast and effort was made to ensure all upgraded aircraft should have this technology especially when they're flying overseas especially when they're flying in difficult mountainous terrain so that they can be the aircraft can be located and rescue teams can reach because the first one are after an incident are extremely important for rescue teams to be able to reach and try and you know save lives if possible but anywhere as of now the Air Force is nothing except the fact that the efforts are still on it was hampered due to inclement weather but whichever opportunity arose the c-130j Hercules aircraft the the Sukhoi 30 aircraft the helicopters they are all out there trying to locate this an-32 the work walk warhorse workhorse of the indian air force absolutely I got to stay with me I also want to bring in you know an Indian Air Force veteran who knows more than a thing or two about not just a VA ssin safety but also flying in this particular area I have the privilege of having honor show this evening air marshal Anil Chopra who has been in charge of flying units in the northeast in Assam he has flown in bad weather in these areas he's been in charge of aviation safety as well Marshall Chopra welcome my first question to you is what most people will be asking you know 28 hours later sir which is why is it taking so long to find the wreckage it's a difficult question to answer yeah I thank ship I must tell you that I have flown a lot in Northeast I have also landed in Machuca in a cell flown aircraft mean I've also flown al more than 100,000 a and 32 so it's very unfortunate firstly let me tell you again that it was a very good aircraft it has we have never had a craft loss because of technical reasons in the Northeast the Pickler it is a mountains and whether you know Machuca is at 6,000 feet very close to the border about 200 kilometers from jorah now let me tell you yes the means first of course is electronic locator transmitter or ELT which is onboard the aircraft which is supposed to get activated when you have a more than a certain amount of g-force which happens when you crash the aircraft or when it goes into the sea with contact or saltwater II the you know this gets activated starts transmitting why is that transmission has not been received is not very clear yes second is the su-30 has got a synthetic aperture radar Delta pod which you can you know search in a line scan or in a spot mode and you will be able to see the target soon that's the sewers also c-130j also has got a now next thing is we have already got the p8 is also cabin we have the reset satellites which are also looking at the area a large number of other helicopters me seventies the LH and some of the transport aircraft of this coordinate self are also searching for it yes inclement weather yes there is inclement weather in that area especially in the afternoon sir there is cloudy I have flown in those valleys in the afternoons also which is which is a question that I wanted to ask you a marshal which is that you know flying between Assam and these advanced landing grounds in Arunachal Pradesh are fairly routine you know everyday flights that take place for logistical or maintenance purposes carrying fuel and personnel over there can you give can you throw some light since you have landed in metric are yourself you have flown in 32 as well can you give our viewers a sense of the risks the dangers the weather condition the terrain in that area that make it so challenging to begin with some yeah I was telling you that hundreds and hundreds of tons of air maintenance is carried out around the year in various alleles is now you know eight major realities I mean upgraded very recently so the only issue is thick jungles you know in the rescue the biggest problem is that the jungles are so thick it you know they are about 100 feet tall trees in that area and one of the thickest jungles in the world after perhaps Amazon now the flying in that area is a peculiar but since the quantum of line that's going on for so many years you know this cotton has had an accent after 10 years you know the last accident it had was close to 10 years a craft extremely safe and that area is people are repeatedly the pilots are repeatedly going to these al G's and therefore they have a lot of experience but sometimes the unfortunate thing happens but one more point I make is the upgrade you know the fifty nearly 50 and 30 to have been upgraded out of the 100 II now what is coming in the new aircraft which could have saved you know the situation today one is the ground proximity warning system yes very very important system especially when you're going into the mountains a new weather radar is coming and new very modern GPS system which is integrated into the rest of the things that is coming the aircraft is upgraded to with lot of other avionics yes also the aircraft life is going up from 25 years to 40 years so these upgrades if this particular aircraft have been upgraded you know the risk in the flight would I mean so much ready you know this is very true and it's a good point and I want to bring Gaurav in on that because you know god of at the end of the day there is a new government in office now and the questions will need to be asked about whether these crucial acquisitions and upgrades are going to be accelerated once again a Marshall Chopra makes an important point at the end 32 upgrade has been crawling only half of the 100 aircraft have been upgraded so far if this particular aircraft have had been of the upgraded variety perhaps this accident could have been avoided or at least the wreckage could have been found faster second point the avro replacement program which is supposed to give more modern aircraft like the an-32 is also stalled hasn't moved forward so this particular tragedy this incident god of throws the light back on those crucial procurements ship UNM assured Chopra a spot on Indian Air Force transport aircraft because remember in 30 tools are the backbone of Indian Air Force yes when it comes to comes to transporting men and materiel specially in high altitude battlefields an-32 was specifically built for the Indian Air Force for operations in lay and seotc and glacier so that it could take a very powerful engine could take off from a short runway in mountains climb quickly and and clear the hump so it specifically built for Indian Air Force but that was in the 1980s lipo's 1984 now it needs to be upgraded with modern avionics and as you as a Marshall Chopra and you have very rightly pointed out that's a process that's still in the works it needs to be speeded up and that's the big challenge for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and for you know Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman rym Nirmala Sitharaman has been defense minister so in that short span that she spent in defensemen yes she knows where is the problem she knows the road ahead so with Raj not seeing pushing for this when he does it does need that the government must push for an amputation of a transport aircraft fleet and of course our new fighters absolutely a Marshall Chopra final word to you we know that 13 families many of them in your heart assam will be hoping for some kind of a miracle but you know having covered accidents of this kind you know we usually fear the worst at times like this last word do you sir yeah you know firstly let me quickly add one more thing to what Gorham has said they have a road split replacement aircraft has already been selected for some years yes II 295 Casa Airbus aircraft now that aircraft is going to carry nine point seven tons we xavi 6.5 tons carried by Infantino or 3.5 tons carried by a bro now once that aircraft comes you know not only you get new technologies the tomates will increase and therefore you know you have another massive capability in terms of alias as families are concerned I really feel very sad you know there is need of a quick finality could a quick clarity it's very important and that's why the entire Indian Army Air Force Navy as well as the civilian government is closely working towards finding their a case site and I hope not withstanding the bad weather I hope that yes everybody comes up very very quickly first when the families and thereafter for the Air Force as to what exactly happen you know in that well we really pray for clarity and closure in this very very unfortunate tragedy and a court of inquiry will go into the complicated details of how this happened 13 lives 13 families affected irrevocably we will be staying with this story Air Marshal Chopra always a privilege thank you very much for joining us with your expert opinion on this developing story thanks for watching the video for more such news and updates please like share and subscribe to India TV also check out our other great videos from our Channel we know you would love to

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  1. Crashed planes have been found in much more hostile and remote environments 50 years ago. The flight path of the plane was known so it cannot have deviated much from it, unless it went totally off course for which there should be no reason. There is some other reason.

  2. China is doing Philadelphia experiment, so beware, they have all the secrets from USA server , and now experimenting the same, so be careful. Keeping the finger crossed, and praying for there safety.

  3. i m suprise why havent u blame pakistan of this disaperance of the plane but since i know ur news channel and will either put the cap on china because u r too good to name someone and feel sorry for the peoples in the plane and my sorrows goes to the family and wish they are found alive and well inshalla

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