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China is showing off its military might at an air and weapons expo in the country’s southern Guangdong province.
The International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition has attracted around 700 exhibitors from more than 40 countries.
Among them, some American companies who are taking a long-term view on the ongoing trade war.
Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports from Zhuhai.

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here in the biannual zhuhai airshow this is the first public day where the public can come out and see the military might that China puts on display but what's also been interesting at the last several days during this airshow yes the demonstration of the military prowess on China but also its tight alliances with Russia and Pakistan that has also been on display and something else that's been surprising is then some American companies here at the Expo part of this air show have been optimistic and are playing a long game when it comes to the trade war between the United States and China on stage in the air China's most advanced stealth fighter jet the j-20 performing at the zhuhai airshow an impressive display but the goal to make it 100% Chinese has not yet been realized it's still powered by Russian made engines after delays and issues with the purpose-built Chinese engine under development also at the airshow the Pakistani Air Force customers of the jf-17 an earlier generation Chinese fighter along with ally Russia Pakistan is the only other foreign military taking part in the aerial displays we started having Chinese aircraft in early 60s and then we moved on and now we are into core production so it is very important for Pakistani Air Force to have good relations with China commercial travel demands could see China take over from the US as the world's largest aviation market in the next decade and that means a big need for more airliners for years China has been developing indigenous commercial aircraft as with the stealth fighter there have been delays but for the first ton a life-sized model of the wide-body CR 929 a project with Russia was unveiled at the show a move to break into the market dominated by Airbus and Boeing but the first version of the plane won't take flight for at least five years and it will be powered by engines from either the US or Europe the zhuhai airshow is now in its 22nd year now traditionally China has used it as a showcase for its booming aviation industry and advanced weapons but this year is much more subdued thanks to budget cuts and an ongoing trade war with the United States but the trade war has not kept American companies away in fact the organizers of the USA Pavilion at the expo say they've seen a 25% growth since the last show two years ago aviation companies and suppliers view their business in China in the long term and at least one sees China as a market not a place for manufacturing I think you know it's gonna be challenging in the next coming two to three years it's only the beginning of this kind of train war the model of our company we are an American based company and how many persons product I mean US product made and we're gonna keep it this way I mean it is part of our culture so with the expected rapid growth in the number of Chinese passengers taking to the sky over the next 10 years some companies are willing to put up with the trade war for now and it's not just American aviation suppliers who are playing the long game in the China market here powerhouse Boeing has announced over the last couple of days then their completion plant now this is something where 737s produced in the United States are shipped over here to China and then they're completed the interiors are put in and they're painted they are going to open that plant in the December here in China they expect once it's fully ramped up a hundred and seven 37 for the Chinese market will roll out of that Factory now that's obviously showing commitment to the Chinese market here despite what's going on with the trade while respecting their to be hopefully some progress with the trade war at the end of the month at the g20 meeting in Argentina that's the next time the leaders of China and the United States will sit down hoping that there's going to be progress in this trade war

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