Top 5 Largest Airports in the World

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Airports occupying vast land area can easily accommodate more flights to serve passengers in different global destinations. Such airports also help passengers in many ways before catching flights. In this regard, it is time to highlight top 5 largest airports in the world.

  1. Denver International Airport: This airport occupies an area of 137260,000 sq km. It comes with longest runway of 4,800 m and comprises gates around 133 flights. The airport also features a Transit Center and a public plaza that occupies an area around 82,000 sq ft.
  2. King Fahd International Airport: This airport comprises a colossal passenger terminal of six storeys. It also features a grand mosque in central portion of landscaped area covering an area of 46,200 sq m. There is a full-fledged terminal which occupies an area of 16,400 m exclusively for royal family and other important guests. The airport also showcases a plant nursery covering an area of 215,500 m.
  3. Suvarnabhumi Airport: This airport spans over an area of 29,800,000 sqm. It also features a control tower measuring 132.2 m together with the single building terminal covering an area of 563,000 sqm. The airport comprises of longest track for cycling, covering the area of 14 miles.
  4. Madrid-Barajas Airport: This airport spans over an area of 30,500,000 sqm. It is the first airport of Spain that features longest transit system without drivers. In the past 78 years, this airport has undergone significant expansion.
  5. Cairo International Airport: This airport spreads over an area of 25500,000 sqm and comes with 4 terminals to ensure smooth entry and exit of passengers. It also comprises of a grand hotel with bed capacities of around 350 flights.

These are some of the airports that have grabbed limelight for occupying vast area.

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