Top 5 Isolated Airports in the World

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In the past decade huge amount of regions have come up with some fascinating airports. In the competition to make a world class airport the countries tend to forget some of their older airports. This is one of the biggest reason that affects the condition of old airports.

  1. Kulusuk Airport: This airport is based in Eastern coastal portion of Greenland which is itself isolated from many countries of the world. The airport usually serves 3-5 flights a day and comes with the small cafeteria and shop. Landing into the tarmac of this airport becomes quite challenging during cold seasons.
  2. Mataveri International Airport: It is a well-known isolated airport of Chile, which is situated in Mataveri at a distance of 3759 km away from the nearby airport of Santiago in Chile. It is due to the secluded location of this airport that tourists who come from Lima, Tahiti and Santiago do not have to encounter brisk traffic. It was also once used as an abort spot for space shuttle projects.
  3. Lukla Airport: Based in Nepal, this airport has drawn attention for its extreme geographic location. In order to reach this airport, travelers have to hire smaller aircraft and helicopters. It comes with a short and steep runway that is wedged between mountains.
  4. Ice Runway: It is situated in Antarctica close to the station called Mc Murdo. The airport becomes functional when ice melts during summer. Landing in the ice-capped turf sometimes become challenging and tough for pilots.
  5. Alert airport: This airport is based in northernmost part of Canada. The airport was previously used for military purposes and now it is used to fuel the private jets of different commercial organizations.

These are some of the leading isolated airports that are proving to be quite useful for emergency situations.

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