Top 5 Busiest Airports In the World

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The influx of passengers in all the airports around the world has increased day by day. People travel for either commercial purpose or for vacations. Some of the busiest airports around the world are:

  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport: It is a major airport of USA which serves airlines around 40 and offers direct flights over 60 international destinations. On an annual basis, it handles aircraft movements of around 888,000 flights including landings and take-offs. Passenger influx of this airport is around 69.9 million.
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport: The airport is named after renowned French President. It has become an important hub of Europe and serves Air France, Delta Air Lines and other international flights. The passenger influx of this airport is close to 63.8 million. The Terminal 1 of this airport is notable for unique designs.
  • Haneda International Airport: It is a vital airport of Asia that acts as the major base to serve leading flights like All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and others. It offers domestic terminals around 2 and single international terminal. On an average basis, it witnesses the passenger footfall of around 72.8 million.
  • Beijing Capital International Airport: It is another noticeable airport of Asia that acts as the primary hub of flights like Air China that ferries passengers above 120 destinations. The influx rate of this airport is approximately 86.1 million on an annual basis.
  • London Heathrow Airport: It normally serves some of the major destinations among 84 nations of the world by acting as a major hub of 80 various flights. On an annual basis, it experiences frequent passenger influx of 73.4 million approximately.

These are certain busiest airports that deliver modern facilities to passengers before catching flights. The infrastructure and the planning of an airport makes it difficult to manage them. The countries that focus on the maintenance factor have some of the best airports around the world.

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