Some of the most beautiful airports around the world

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Air travel is always an exciting experience, especially for children. The beauty of the airport itself makes it different from other structures built in a city. Whether it is the Dubai airport or the Bilbao airport, some countries have come up with very innovative ideas to give their airports a beautiful look. The list just goes on as almost every country has designed some really magnificent structures. Some of the beautiful airports that we found are:

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, Spain

Built in the year 2006 this airport was designed by Richard Rogers and Antonio Lamela. Though this airport has gone through series of changes and renovations, but the terminal 4 is known to be one of the most eye catching parts of this airport. Its metal skylit roof and corrugated bamboo make it unique from other airports around the world.

Wellington airport, New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its beauty and it is one of the most visited vacation spot. Along with its beaches and scenic beauty the airport of New Zealand itself gives it an appealing look. Those who have been to this country would surely agree that its airport has one of the wildest look. The mosaic wooden panels and unique lounge give the visitors an exceptional experience.

Marrakesh airport, Morocco

The Marrakesh airport cannot be missed out and it deserves a place in this list. The overhangs and its beautiful cast arabesque give this airport a really appealing look. It has a nice mix of western and Arabic culture.

Bilbao Airport, Spain

This airport was designed by Santiago Calatrava and opened in the year 2000. It has already been given a nickname of “Dove”. It is a stunner and looks beautiful from all angles. Words cannot describe the beauty of this structure and one needs to visit it in real time to see the architecture of this place.

Dubai International Airport

Dubai is filled with beautiful structures and beautiful holiday spots. This country never fails to excite with its architectural beauty and you get to see it as soon as you land in its airport. Designed by Paul Andreu, this airport was started in the year 1960. From the entrance till the runway, this airport has really innovative structures.

Kansai Airport, Japan

Started in the year 1994, Kansai airport has been designed by Renzo piano. Considering the fact that it was built in the nineties this airport has a very futuristic design and an interesting layout. Piano, the designer of this airport has been called as really innovative thinker of the modern world. He proves this by his design. Professionals prove their worth through their work. If you would need a commercial painting company in Michiana then you would contact Michiana paint, similarly Japan contacted the best when they had this airport in mind.

Beijing airport, China

This airport was started in the year 2008 when China was hosting the Beijing Olympics. Along with the focus on the Olympics China was fully dedicated to give the players a really warm welcome. The terminal 3 in this airport is known to be the largest structures in the world and it is two miles long.

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